Check Out Angelica Panganiban’s Mansion-Like Home With Elevator

One of the main dreams of most of us Filipinos is to have our very own house. Some are being thrifty to get their dream home, while others work as hard as they can to save and be able to afford one someday.

Photo Credit: Angelica Panganiban

Whatever our profession is, we hope to find and get a place that we can call our own. Sometimes, even at a young age, we daydream as to how our future home will look like. We want our own house to be as beautiful and as perfect as how we imagine, but no matter how big or lovely our dream homes are, remember that they are not impossible to achieve. Be it a home with remarkable rooms or a house with an elevator inside, it is not totally out of reach. This is what Kapamilya Actress Angelica Panganiban proves.

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Actress Kim Chiu shares how elegant and beautiful her friend Angelica’s house is. Starting from the outside, you will see how big and stylish her Mansion-like home is. Then once you get inside, you will be more in awe.

Each place and each corner of the house – the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the garage, etc – is praiseworthy. Even the furniture and decorations used are very commendable. The design of both the interior and exterior of the house will leave us in awe.

But these are not the only reasons why her house is special. There is an elevator inside this luxurious home! Famous actress Angel Locsin was also surprised when she saw the elevator. She even took a photo of her and Angelica sitting in front of the Elevator and posted it on her social media account.

She has the same thought as Kim Chiu who also posted a picture on her Instagram account with the caption

“Sosyal naman ng bahay na ‘to may elevator. At may pa-manang pa!”

Photo Credit: Kim Chiu Instagram

Most of us will be happy to have an elevator inside our home, but only a few people though can manage to pay for it right now.

Angelica started acting when she was a kid. Since then, she starred in several movies and TV Shows and even won many awards for acting. She is now considered as one of the veteran actresses in showbiz. That is why, at second thought, it is not surprising that she manages to afford her expensive house.

Photo Credit: Angelica Panganiban

Rather than envy her for having such a beautiful house, may it be an inspiration to us. The only limitation to our dream home is our own imagination. And of course, either luck or hard work is needed as well.