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Willie Revillame Daughter, Meryll Soriano Revealed Father’s Most Expensive Property

58-year-old ‘Wowowin’ host Willie Revillame is known as one of the wealthiest celebrities in the Philippines. He started his hosting career in the early 1980s as one of the hosts of GMA Network’s noontime variety program “Lunch Date.”

Willie also appeared on different comedy movies in the past, where he played roles as a sidekick to big-named stars. In 2005, the comedian-host gained more fans and supporters as he becomes the host of ABS-CBN’s hit noontime show “Wowowee.”

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This show is very popular with many people, especially to those who are hoping to meet Willie in person since they know that he is so generous when it comes to giving cash prizes.

He was even considered as one of the most generous hosts who graced the entertainment industry. However, this program ended in 2010 as he decided to end his contract with the said network due to some issues he had with the management.

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Willie is currently in the Kapuso Network as the host of a similar variety show called Wowowin.

Recently, the eldest daughter of the ‘Wowowin’ host, actress Meryll Soriano shocked the netizen as she revealed in an interview how wealthy her father is.

Meryll is Willie Revillame’s daughter with former partner Bec-Bec Soriano. She is part of the cast of the upcoming film, Culion.

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In the grand press conference of this film, she was asked by some entertainment reporters about her father, Willie Revillame. She also shared during the interview that one of the things that Willie bought, which surprised her the most was the airplane.

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She also added that aside from this, her father also has his own yachts, choppers, Ferrari, and different luxury cars.

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Based on other reports, some of the luxury cars that Willie Revillame owns are Rolls Royce, Ferrari 458, Audi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche Carrera Turbo, Lincoln Navigator, Jaguar XJ, and a Hummer H2.

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