Watch: Ivana Alawi Pranks Her Sister Mona Louise About Being Adopted

Earlier last month, it was the half Filipino and Morrocan descent actress-model Ivana Alawa who fell as a victim of a prank planned by her younger sister, Mona Louise Rey.

Mona placed a hidden camera in the dining area to prank her “Ate” Ivana while having her breakfast. She then pretended that she is entertaining a guy over the phone who is five years her senior.

In that vlog, the Kapamilya star can be seen listening to her sister and the accomplice’s conversation. Later on, she interrupted their call, talked to the guy and got pissed off and eventually walked out. That was the time when Mona revealed that the whole thing was just a prank.

But before the month of November ends, Ivana already got her sweet revenge as she pranked her sister by coming up with a scenario that she is only an “Ampon” or an adopted child.

Ivana Alawi Instagram

Through the help of their mom Fatima Marbella and another accomplice, a foreigner guy who pretended as Bob, Mona’s real father. But in real life, his real name is Uncle Dan, he is the husband of Lola Mila, the sister of their grandmother who is residing in the US.

In the video, the Alawi sisters were staying in the living room when their mom suddenly entered with Uncle Bob. After talking with Mona in a serious tone, their mom then introduced Mona to Bob, who immediately said that he is her real father.

“Finally, I get to meet you. Hi, I’m Bob, your dad!” he said.

Mona was shocked after hearing what Bob said, and she even asks them if it was only a joke or a prank. Ivana tried to hide her laughter and supported her mom’s big revelation with the help of her “best actress” talent.

Ivana Alawi Youtube Vlog

She also mentioned that they already knew about this a long time ago, and assured Mona that nothing would change in their relationship as sisters.

Mona burst out in tears as she was starting to believe that she was really an adopted child. She immediately ran to her room without saying a word, but her older sister is not done yet as she prepared an additional prank for her sister to make it more believable.

Ivana prepared her luggage and went to Mona’s room to tell her that she needs to pack her things so that she can spend some time with her “real” dad. After lots of crying, she finally revealed to her sister that it was only a prank.

As of this writing, this prank video of the Kapamilya actress already has over 5 million views on YouTube.