Meryll Soriano Willing To Apologize To John Lloyd Cruz About The Movie Teaser Issue Of “Culion”

37-years-old “Culion” star Meryll Soriano opened up in a recent interview about the alleged misunderstanding between the producer of her movie and co-actor John Lloyd Cruz.

In the grand press conference of the film “Culion,” which was held last Thursday, December 5, the eldest daughter of Willie Revillame clarified this issue and said that she’s willing to apologize to John Lloyd on behalf of the whole production team.

According to Meryll, it was her and assistant director Candy Manalo Nagrampa, who personally asked John Lloyd to have a “special participation” on this movie for just one scene. Luckily, their friendly request was granted by the controversial and reclusive actor.

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However, John Lloyd allegedly made a statement that his face being included in the official teaser of the movie was far from what they have agreed on.

For this, Meryll went on to clarify that she didn’t know what was the exact agreement that they had and she also doesn’t have any authority to say anything as she’s not part of the production team of the movie.

When asked how she approached the A-list actor to take part in the movie, she replied that she just ask John Lloyd in a simple way. Meryll added that she felt relieved that he was the one who did the scene with her since the two of them already worked is some films before.

Meryll said, “Yung eksenang ‘yun napakaimportanteng eksena din sakin as an actor na yung makakasamang kong yun, in that short scene, is somebody that I trust and I love.”

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But since this is John Lloyd’s first big-screen appearance since he took a showbiz hiatus for more than two years already, she shared that maybe the staff and the team of the movie just got super excited to finally work with him again.

“It was a request and he granted it, I mean everybody is excited to work with him.”

“I’ve been lucky na siya ang naka eksena ko.”

One of the reporters asked Meryll if she thinks that it’s still necessary to issue a clarification on this, which answered that they have to respect the actor’s feelings if he really felt bad for what happened, and it was only a miscommunication on their part to include him in the teaser of the movie.

Meryll shared they have already gotten in touch with each other, but that they did not discuss the said issue. Their conversation is more on a friendly chikahan and other stuff about their personal life.

She was also asked if she would still clear the air with John Lloyd when it comes to this sensitive topic, which she replied that there will be a time to discuss this with John Lloyd, but it will be just between them, “Between us na lang ‘yun siguro bilang magkaibigan hindi na dapat ilabas pa kug ano man yun kasi syempre gusto kong ma-hear yung side niya.”