Look: This Is How The Mega Star Sharon Cuneta Treats Their House Helpers Or “Yaya”

Many Filipinos seek the help of domestic helpers or what we call “Kasambahays” to make sure that their employers’ children and the homes they manage are in perfect conditions.

All-around household helpers usual work involves sweeping and cleaning; washing clothes and dishes, taking care of children, the elderly, and the disabled, they also do the shopping and cooking, while some also provide gardening, driving, and even security services.

While we often heard horror stories of domestic helpers that don’t receive proper treatment from their employers, there are also many who are lucky enough to work with kind-hearted people that will treat them as a friend or even as part of their family.

Just like the household helpers of the Mega Star Sharon Cuneta, the 53-year-old actress is very proud of her housemaids, whom she also called “Yaya” or the people who helped her raised her children KC, Frankie, Miel and Miguel.

Photo Credits: Sharon Cuneta Instagram

In social media post of the Mega Star, she even provided the name of their housemaids and as to whom they were caring for. Sharon said that Kakie’s Yaya is Irish, she also has her own personal assistant, Yaya Hanzel, and for KC, she have Yaya Vilma and Belle.

Photo Credits: Sharon Cuneta Instagram

Despite her good treatment, Sharon still received negative comments and was even called out by some netizens for having her house helpers wear uniforms when out in public places.

This incident happened when she uploaded a photo on Instagram of their house helpers and her eldest daughter KC’s assistants, with the two of them who were still in their uniforms, while eating inside a restaurant. Aside from that, she was also criticized by the netizens for referring to them as “Yaya.” They even gave suggestions that she should consider changing it into something that might sound better.

In response to this, Sharon defended her choice of having her nannies wear uniforms when out in public places. She explained that she does not require them to wear uniforms when the nannies travel with her and her family abroad, they’re free to wear whatever they want.

Photo Credits: Sharon Cuneta Instagram

She went on to share that all of their “Yayas” are treated like members of the family, and even receive perks like the chance to travel with them overseas such as the US, Bangkok, Paris, Japan, and Hong Kong.

For those who were bothered by the term “Yaya,” the Mega Star then explained that “Yaya” is an affectionate term for her and her family. She revealed that they call their “All-around” helpers “Yaya,” even their cooks and laundrywoman. She also called them sometimes as “Ate” and “Nana.”