Look: Richard Gomez Sweet Birthday Greeting To His Wife, Lucy Torres

Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez has a special message for his lovely wife Lucy Torres, who is celebrating her 45th birthday today, December 11.

In an Instagram post of the 53-year-old actor-politician, he penned a sweet birthday greeting for his wife, by describing all the good qualities of the Leyte Representative.

Richard’s caption revealed that it was during the eve of Lucy’s birthday, 22 years ago when he asked her to marry him: “Not too many people know that I asked for your hand and proposed marriage on the eve of your birthday back in ’97.”

Richard Gomez Instagram

“And ever since on everything turned flowers and colors and happiness.
“You are a life changer.
“You are very unselfish.
“You are kind.
“You are industrious.
“You are positive.
“You are the person that make people laugh.
“You make me smile.
“You bring us joy.
“You are fun to be with.
“You are intelligent.
“You are tough.
“You are loved by many.
“You are simple.
“You are a great thinker.
“You find solutions.
“You are humble.
“You are beautiful.
“You are my love.
“Happy birthday!

Richard Gomez Instagram

“I wish you more great things to come in your life. And may the good Lord bless you with more joy, happiness and good health. Iloveyou.”

Meanwhile, the birthday celebrant thanked her husband for his sweet message in the comment section of Richard’s IG post, saying, “Thank you my love [emoji] you are making me cry with this message.”

Based on a video shared by a fan page dedicated to Richard Gomez (teamrgg), Lucy and her family had an intimate dinner celebration the night before her actual birthday.

Richard Gomez Instagram

It will be recalled that Lucy shared the same memory in her Instagram post on April 28 this year, when the two celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary.

She then uploaded a throwback photo that was taken moments after their engagement with the caption: “December 1997. We were in the balcony of my parent’s home in Carlota Hills, it was the eve of my birthday and a handful of us were around a small table, a view of the sea before us.

“When the clock struck midnight Richard pulled me close, locked me in his piercing gaze, and asked me to marry him. I said yes in a heartbeat.

“I was in denim shorts, a t-shirt, slippers. He was in shorts, a shirt, sneakers.

Richard Gomez Instagram

“The ring was not in a box or pouch, it was just swimming loosely in his pocket for hours the whole evening. Until he pulled it out to slip it on my finger.

“He took this photo moments after we got engaged. And if I look dazed it’s because I was.

The politician couple has one daughter named Juliana, who is already 19 years old.

Source: pep