Look: Ogie Diaz Praised By The Netizens For His Acts Of Generosity To The Garbage Collector

Talent manager/showbiz columnist and comedian Ogie Diaz once again caught the netizens attention as he already started to share good vibes and the spirit of Christmas in a neighborhood.

Many of us believe that Christmas is the season of giving, but not only by giving gifts to our friends and loved ones, as there were some who chose to give back to the community. As for them, sharing their blessings with other people can make them feel the joy and happiness of this Yuletide season, especially when they’re giving back to the less fortunate than others who may not be able to get Christmas gifts.

In a video of Ogie Diaz published on his YouTube channel last Sunday, December 8, the 49-year-old talent manager spread the spirit of Christmas through a game he called “Pamimigay ng Regalo with a Twist.”

Ogie Diaz Youtube

The first part of the video showed Ogie with some of his friends in a supermarket, where they bought some stuff and small appliances. They will give this as a gift to random people who will have to choose between the lesser value gift or, the more expensive one.

However, they included a “twist” as they included cash prizes for those who will choose the lesser value stuff.

They first saw a young family with two kids, riding a pedicab. Ogie offered them to choose from ‘pansaing’ or ‘isasaing’. The practical father opted for the rice instead of rice cooker as he said that this appliance uses lots of electricity.

Ogie Diaz Youtube

After getting his bag of rice, Ogie then revealed the real gift he has for them, money worth P3000 cash.

The next stop is a school waiting area, where they let a mother who has 3 kids to choose from a ceramic ware or aluminum ware, the mother choose the ceramic ware and they revealed that the other one contains a cash prize worth P2000.

Since she didn’t get the money, Ogie then let the other parents get the money by playing a ‘Bring Me’ game.

The third one to receive Ogie’s early Christmas gift was a group of Garbage Collector in a truck. He first looks for the deserving person who will play the game and let him choose between a tornado map and a cloth. The guy chose the tornado mop, and he didn’t regret even if the cloth rug has cash money of P2000 inside.

Ogie then decided to just distribute the cash to the other garbage men.

The last person who received his gift is a construction worker, just like the others, he was also given the chance to choose from two things, a single burner or a cooked “kare-kare.” He then chose the higher value item and was still happy even if they revealed that there’s money worth P2000.

The money was then raffled again to the other construction workers through a “Bring Me game.”

As of this writing, the video now has over 400,000 views on YouTube, and tons of positive comments from the online users.