Look: Manny Pacquiao Giving Early Christmas Gift To His Neighbors In GenSan Earned Praise

Boxing legend and Senator Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao once again shared his blessings to other people by giving away cash gifts to his kababayans in General Santos City.

Just recently, the boxing champ turned politician once again made caught the attention of the people for showing his generosity to his fellow Filipinos since Christmas season is coming.

It some videos and photos that recently surfaced on different social media platforms, Manny Pacquiao and his team can be seen handing out cash gifts to some residents.

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What’s more admirable in this act of Senator Pacquiao is that he is personally giving each of them the 1000 peso bill, given that they also have the chance to meet and greet the boxing legend.

These videos don’t have clear information where and when this gift-giving happened, but if you would check some of the comments of the online users in these posts, it’s indicated that it was done in a village in GenSan.

It was also revealed that it was already the second year of gift-giving from Manny and his team since they also did this last Christmas.

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Netizens can’t help but praise Manny for having a big heart to the people, especially to his fellow GenSan citizens. Many also lauded the senator as he never fails to remember where he came from and to always share his blessings in the best way he can.

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The boxing legend and lawmaker is undeniably one of the most loved celebrities we know in the country, this is because he managed to remain humble and generous despite the fame and wealth he was able to achieve in life.

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For many people, seeing the Fighting Senator doing this act of kindness and generosity is not surprising anymore because he’s been doing this for several years with or without special occasions.