Look: Judy Ann Santos Shares That Yohan Wants To Meet Her Biological Parents

41-year-old “Starla” actress Judy Ann Santos recently shared in an interview that her eldest daughter, Yohan, started to ask questions about her biological parents.

Judy Ann said in an interview on “Tonight with Boy Abunda” last Monday, December 16, that Yohan has become more curious about the background of her real family when she turned 15 years old.

According to her, the young girl would ask questions like, “Do you know my mom? Are you friends with my dad?”

Judy Ann Agoncillo Instagram

She recalled telling Yohan one time when she asked about her biological parents, “Sweetheart, if at some point, you want to meet them, you want to talk to them… If you feel that there are questions already in your heart that are piling up, and feeling mo sila lang ‘yung makakasagot, we can look for them, because that’s your right,” she stated.

Juday went on to share one scenario when she was busy driving, then all of a sudden her eldest daughter asked her the question, “Do you know where they live?”

Judy Ann Agoncillo Instagram

She replied to her daughter in an honest way that she really doesn’t know any information about where they are right now, but she also asked her to share more about her concern.

Juday said that Yohan asked her if if “at some point” she will be allowed to meet her biological parents. To which Juday replied to her request “of course,” she then added: “Huminga lang ako nang malalim. Iyon pala ‘yon. Hindi mo naman siya pinagdadamot. Pero from the time that she asked me that question, I was preparing myself every day. ‘Lord, dumating man ‘yung time na maging seryoso na ‘tong batang ‘to, i-prepare mo kami.’ Kasi hindi ko siya ipagkakait sa ganoon.”

In the same interview, the “Starla” actress shared with the King of Talk that she adopted Yohan at age 26, this happened after her birthday and referred to her as an answered prayer.

Judy Ann Agoncillo Instagram

Now that she already had three children: Yohan, 9-year-old Lucho, and 3-year-old Luna.

When Tito Boy asked Juday about Yohan’s reaction when she learned that she was adopted. She admitted that at first, there were times that her eldest daughter would doubt her words of reassurance about her status in their family. The Kapamilya actress continued, “We made her realize na Ryan and me started a family because of you (Yohan). Basically, ‘Ikaw’ yung mitsa ng kandila ng pamilya natin.”

Aside from that, she would also tell her that the birth names of her siblings Lucho, Juan Luis, and Luna, Juana Luisa were derived from her name Johanna Louis, she explained, “[They are] named after you. You came first, so always remember hindi ka basta salingkit dito. You started this family.”

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