Look: Here’s Why Daniel Padilla Is A Certified Mama’s Boy

Kapamilya young actor Daniel Padilla was raised by her mom, Magandang Buhay host, Karla Estrada as a solo parent. That’s why he knows how important it is to acknowledge the sacrifices of the people who helped him to become who he is right now.

In a recent interview with The King of Talk, DJ shared the significance of gratitude in his life, especially in this generation, where material things seemed to be given more value.

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He also expressed how thankful he is to have a very loving and supportive mother like Karla, saying that if he could, he would willingly give the world to her mom just to repay all of her sacrifices to provide them a better life.

Daniel being the eldest child in their family, grew up seeing his mom performing all the responsibilities and duties of a mother and a father to him and his 3 other siblings. But despite that, this never affected his relationship with his father, actor Rommel Padilla.

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He also opened up about how he takes care of his family, their safety and other things since he is considered as “the man of the house.”

When asked how he would manage to take care of her mom when she gets older, DJ brought up about his grandmother, who is currently staying in Tacloban.

He explained that he had already tried to convince her many times to stay with them in Manila so that he could take good care of her, but she still chose to stay there and enjoy her simple life.

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In the same interview, Tito Boy also asked the 24-year-old actor about his mom’s non-showbiz boyfriend, Jam Ignacio. Daniel shared that he already met Jam, as he was formally introduced to them by her mom.

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He went on to share that since he is the eldest child, and also for someone who have witnessed many times how his mom act when she’s in love, he learned to be more vigilant as he is now watching over his mom’s boyfriend,

“Ayoko naman maging kontrabida kasi ‘yun ‘yung mga bagay na hindi ko naman maibibigay sa kanya pero at the same time, on the look ako. Ako ang number one security ng ermat ko, eh.”

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