Look: Annabelle Rama And Gretchen Barretto Reconciled After The “Sawsaw” Issue

It appears that the conflict between Gretchen Barretto and Annabelle Rama has been recently mended after the two were spotted in a restaurant together.

The issue started when Gretchen accused Ruffa Gutierrez, daughter of Annabelle Rama of making “Sawsaw” or meddling with the issue in their family after she commented on one of the Instagram photos of Gretchen’s niece, Julia Barretto.

La Greta called out Ruffa for this by taking a screenshot of Ruffa’s simple comment of compliment “fresh” over Julia’s photo and shared it to her Instagram story saying, “Sawsaw pa more Ruffy, take it, take it.”

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This happened during the time when the Barretto family became the subject of such controversies involving the longtime running feud of the Barretto sisters, Marjorie, Claudine and Gretchen.

Following this incident, Ruffa posted a photo on her Instagram accompanied by a cryptic message on the caption. Her mom, Annabelle Rama, slammed Gretchen in the comment section and defended her daughter against this accusation from the former actress.

She even warned Gretchen in an earlier interview not to lash out at her daughter again, as she might continue to receive bold statements from her if she will not stop creating this nonsense issue.

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After a month, Annabelle and Gretchen have already patched things up as seen in the video shared by Abante columnist Jun Lalin. The video shows the two celebrities in a restaurant together with Anabelle’s husband Eddie Gutierrez, and Regal Films producer Mother Lily Monteverde.

It can be heard that Gretchen said that believes that Anabelle couldn’t stand to fight her as she loves her as a daughter, “Hindi niya kayang awayin ako. Let’s face it, mahal mo ako,” she said.

La Greta later revealed that she was touched as she learned from her mother that the talent manager gave an estimated amount of P10,000-P15,000 in the wake of his late father. She added, “Alam mo ba si Tita Anabelle nag bigay ng abuloy kay mom, nung namatay yung dad ko… Na-touch ako pero hindi kasi yung amount, it’s really the thought para gawin mo ‘yun.”

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Jun Lalin also asked Eddie Gutierrez to share his reaction on Anabelle and Gretchen’s unexpected meet up, to which he said that he already knew that it would turn out this way. “Alam mo, actually, ine-expect ko na yan na kapag nagkita sila, parang walang nangyari.”

“Si Gretchen, parang anak ko na yan. Kasi noon pa, parang pamilya na ang turing niya sa amin lalo na ang pagmamahal niya sa anak namin na si Elvis,” he added.