Iza Calzado Shares The Reason Why She’s Not In A Hurry To Have Kids: ‘Gusto Ko Maging Responsible’

‘Culion’ actress Iza Calzado said that she would most likely work on having a baby before the end of 2020 since she will be very busy with her acting projects on the way.

According to a recent interview with PEP.ph, the 37-year-old actress revealed that after working on her upcoming movie “Culion,” which will be premiering this December at the Metro Manila Film Festival, she already has several showbiz commitments lined up for next year.

Iza Calzado Instagram

She said, “Kasi napakatagal po nung hinintay kong… finally daw ay mag-i-start ng pelikula sa Star Cinema. Tsaka hindi pa rin naman ako ganun ka-ready, so… ikakasal din yung kapatid niya (her husband Ben), so patatapusin ko muna lahat yun. Meron din akong pelikulang gustong… isa pang pelikula apart from that.”

Iza revealed that she would be working with two big movie projects and a series, but she chose not to share more details about it. This is also one of the reasons why she’s not planning to get pregnant anytime soon because she doesn’t want to be the cause of any delays on her upcoming projects.

“Kasi sa akin, ang iniisip ko lagi is, it’s money for production and it’s time, so I don’t want to be irresponsible and get pregnant midway, especially pag marami nang na-shoot. Ayoko ng nagbibigay ng sakit ng ulo.

Iza Calzado Instagram

“Of course, this is God’s blessing and people will say na, ‘Bakit mo tatanggihan ang grasya ng Panginoon?’ Hindi ko ho tinatanggihan. Gusto ko lang maging responsable. Dahil pag may ipinagkatiwala sa iyo and you sign up for it, you do whatever it takes for you to deliver. That’s how I am with work. That is also how I will be with motherhood.”

The actress continued that she is willing to take a break from her career if motherhood requires her to do so.

“When I commit to it, I will do my very best to deliver one hundred percent. And if by doing so I need to take a break from acting, then I will. Di ba? Whatever it takes. But when you sign up for something, commit, deliver,” she added.

Iza Calzado Instagram

But while many are so curious and couldn’t help but ask when she’s planning to have a baby, Iza was very thankful that she’s not feeling any pressure when it comes to her in-laws,

“Buti na lang yung mga in-laws ko hindi pa ako pine-pressure. Pero once siyempre my husband is like, ‘When is it going to happen?’”

She went on to share that her target date to get pregnant is by the end of the year 2020,

“Kung hindi baka sabunutan na niya ako, baka iwanan na ako,” referring to her husband.

Iza Calzado tied the knot with longtime partner, British entrepreneur Ben Wintle in a beach ceremony in Coron Palawan, on December 19, 2018.

Source: smartparenting