Cesar Montano Shares That He Already Asked Forgiveness From Sunshine Cruz

Now that the veteran action star Cesar Montano is finally back in the film industry as he is set to star in the film “Freedom Fighters,” a more peaceful mind actor faced the press revealing that he’s also in the process of getting back his faith in the church.

In a recent interview, Cesar shared that aside from this comeback movie, he also has other meaningful acting roles that were already lined up for him next year.

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“To do meaningful films na gusto Niya gawin. All of the films na naka-line up na gusto Niyang ipagawa sa akin. He gave me the talent to do films and I will focus sa paggawa pa ng mga pelikula,” he said.

Cesar’s upcoming movie was directed by Francis Ho and written by Tony Scott, and was produced by Inspire Studios and co-produced by Manny Pacquiao.

The veteran actor also revealed that after gaining back his faith, his mind becomes more peaceful than before, “I feel relaxed, I feel happy from what I am doing,” Cesar added.

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He went on to share what makes his faith stronger, “One day, God talked to me. Sabi niya ‘I gave you great talent to do films, bakit kung ano-ano pa pinaggagagawa mo?’ …So I decided na ito na gawin ko, “Sabi ko, ‘Sige Lord, mag-decide Ka, gagawin ko na ‘to.’ When I decided, hindi ko lang masabi ngayon ang dami ko pang gagawin na pelikula but it’s there, naka-line up pa.”

The veteran actor was also asked during the interview if he already forgave those people who have done bad things to him, to which he answered,

“Hiningi ko na rin ng tawad kay Lord. You have to forgive those people who hurt you, who owe you a lot na nasaktan ka. Emotionally, kasi ikaw lang magdadala no’n. Pag hindi mo pinatawad, ikaw lang magdadala no’n, ikaw rin ang mag-suffer. You should throw away hate, give it to the Lord.”

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Although he admitted that it’s not that easy to forgive, he still managed to do it with the help of prayers and his faith in the Lord. Cesar said,

“Hindi madali magpatawad. It’s so hard and you have to pray for it. But God said, Ask anything in My name and I will give it to you.”

He was also asked regarding the issue he had with ex-wife Sunshine Cruz and if he already asked for forgiveness from Sunshine.

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Cesar said that he did, but he is not sure if she already forgave him, saying,

“Hindi natin masasabi ‘yun (kung pinatawad na niya ako), only the person. Kung siya ang nakakaramdam kung natanggap (na) niya, kung nakapagpatawad siya, walang makakapagsabi no’n kung ‘di siya.”

He added, “At least nasabi mo na ‘yun and, of course, bago magsara ang taon dapat gawin natin lahat ‘yun, to ask forgiveness sa lahat ng taong nagawan natin nang pagkakamali.”