Vicki Belo’s Majestic Christmas Tree made by Oprah Winfrey’s famous Decorator

Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone’s either doing an early Christmas shopping, planning their menu or setting up decorations. Even famous dermatologist – Dra. Vicki Belo, is in on the festivities, and she had just revealed the look and theme of their Christmas tree.

They decided to have a Mexican themed tree, and it was lavishly decorated by an American decorating guru, Steven Brown of Glitterville Studios. They have worked with Oprah Winfrey for years and now, they’ve flown to Manila to work on Dra. Belo’s Christmas tree, and by all that’s holy, it is one spectacular tree.

On the Belo family thanksgiving dinner last November 19, they invited a few members of the press and unveiled Steven’s creation. Steven himself also posted on Instagram a photo and video of his work with the Belos. He captioned it as, “Tis The Season for a Tropical Tree at the Manila Home of @victoria_belo @dochayden and the most famous baby in the world @scarletsnowbelo.

Vicki Belo Instagram

The magnificent tree is so colorful and full of different elements that all in all must have been made with a great deal of time, talent and vision. You can spot watermelons, donkeys, ostrich, kiwi, oranges, and lime that’s all made of paper mache. It’s one tropical Christmas for the Belos.

Vicki’s eldest daughter, Cristalle, happens to be the way of how they met Steven. According to the beauty doctor, “Cristalle has been following them on instagram and then she saw na they’re here in Manila.”

They revealed that it was 2016 that Cristalle first communicated with them. As it happens, they – together with his business partner Bryan Cabtree – were in Manila just to visit their factory in Antipolo City. Cristalle noticed that they tagged Makati and she got curious so she sent them a message. According to Cristalle, “This was like four or five years ago. I saw na they tagged Makati. And them I’m like ‘are you guys in Manila?’ And then we started chatting.”

Cristalle continued, “That was a Saturday and then [I told them]. ‘Why don’t you come for breakfast with us tomorrow?’ Which was Sunday morning. So I joined them for breakfast at 8 a.m., and lo and behold, I was like, ‘My mom’s gonna love you guys, can you please come to Sunday lunch?’ So I dragged them to Sunday lunch, we were together for like 8 a.m. until like 5 p.m. on the first day we met.”

“It’s the first they’ve been out of their hotel since they’ve been coming here for eight years.” Vicki added. She also mentioned that she wanted to make Scarlet’s first christmas to be an amazing experience. Vicki continued, “Scarlet was only nine months and so, of course, there’s a baby in the house. I felt like, ‘Hey guys can you do our tree?’ Para we can enjoy this whole childhood thing again with Scarlet. Of course, she’s only nine months. She couldn’t even appreciate it, but they did our first tree.”

Their 2016 Christmas tree was nutcracker, and candy land themed which turned out to be so exquisite that Vicki decided she would ask them again to make another tree for Senator Manny Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee as a gift the following year.

“It was so beautiful, I decided to give the same tree to Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao as a gift the next year. I’ve been friends with Manny and Jinkee, I never know what to give them. I mean, I think it would be wonderful, their kids are still small, I could give them a tree that’s special. And they said, ‘Oh sure, we’ll do it.'”

Vicki Belo Instagram

She thought the Pacquiao family would be spending Christmas on Makati but they informed Vicki they will be spending the holiday in Saranggani. So Steven and his team had to fly to Saranggani to decorate the tree. The doctor recalled, “When they got here, they read the US red alert that Saranggani is the most dangerous part of the Philippines. But they just have flown back for just one day to do the tree, so they decided to do the tree anyway.”

But Steven admitted to Vicki how of a big step it was for them. She shared, “‘He said, Vicki I can’t imagine, eight years we never left the hotel except when we go to our factory. Finally, we got to your house and it was like a big step. And then from there, you sent us to the most dangerous part of the Philippines!'”

Now their friendship has continued on for four years and within that time, Steven has made four equally beautiful christmas trees for the Belos. On year 2016 it was nutcracker candy land, then on 2017 it was themed, “under the sea”, and last year, the 2018 tree was filled with pastels, floating cotton candy with rainbows and unicorns. This is truly the best time of the year!

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