The Story Behind Morissette Amon Walking Out Of A Concert

A video where the famous singer Morissette Amon can be seen as she walks out of a concert event has been circulating online.

The said incident took place at the Music Museum in San Juan, Metro Manila, for the birthday concert of newbie singer Kiel Alo last Wednesday, November 6, where Morrissette is one of the supposed guest performers.

In the video, the well-known talent manager and entertainment columnist Jobert Sucaldito, who was also the producer of Kiel’s birthday concert, was seen on the stage as he explained to the audience that Morissette Amon will no longer be able to perform that night because of some emergency reasons.

Jobert said: “Hindi makalabas ng boses, talagang she’s so devastated.So, para makita lang [na dumating siya], ‘tapos para tayo tuloy ang ating ligaya, di ba?”

He went on to call the attention of Morrissette’s business manager, David Casico, so that people can see that the 23-year-old singer really arrived at the concert venue.

“David, can we do that? Kahit palabas lang, baka kasi sabihin ng ibang tao niloko namin sila, e.”

But instead of going to the stage, Morrissette came out along with her personal assistant in one side of the audience area, and they immediately walked straight to the exit without saying anything.

Morissette Amon | Instagram

Prior to that, Morrissette’s business manager already went on stage and apologized to the viewers on behalf of the singer, David said: “Morissette was here this afternoon until this evening, she rehearsed with Tito Butch with Kiel. But I would like to apologize on her behalf, but there is a medical emergency that we have to attend to.”

According to a report by, the said producer of Kiel Alo: Ako Naman (A Hugot King Birthday Concert) Jobert Sucaldito also aired his side of the story through an interview with the members of the press right after the concert.

In the video, Jobert said that a few minutes before the concert took place, Morissette and Kiel had an interview with ABS-CBN reporter Mario Dumaual.

He then revealed that the reporter also asked her some personal questions about her love life and family, but it seems that everything about the interview went well.

“Ngayon, ang problema, naisingit yata ni Mario ang tungkol sa love life,” Jobert revealed. “Alam naman natin na may pinagdadaanan si Morissette but, in fairness kay Mario, […] ang tanong sa kanya ay ‘Kamusta naman ang love life?’ tapos parang about the family. It was handled so well,” Jobert said.

On the other hand, he also described Morrissette’s answer on the issues on her relationship with her father and his boyfriend Dave Lamar as “very safe.”

But a few moments after her interview with the ABS-CBN reporter, he heard some banging on the wall next to him and was a bit surprised to see that it was the 23-year-old singer bumping her head against the wall while crying.

Morissette Amon | Instagram

Jobert said, “I saw Morissette, inuuntog ang ulo niya… sa dingding.”

Then David rushed to him and told him that Morissette could not perform on the show out of devastation, “Sabi niya, ‘Tito, may sasabihin ako sa ‘yo, emergency. Importante lang. Morissette cannot sing. She is so devastated.’”

Jobert went on to share that before that incident Morissette also requested if she could perform early, but he did not allow her because she was the main guest and a star performer.

To resolve the incident, he just asked David to bring Morrissette to the stage and apologized to the audience. “Ang gusto ko lang makita ng tao because, as a producer, ayokong magmukhang niloko ko kayo, na naglagay ako sa ticket at sa poster na pangalan ni Morissette Amon ‘tapos wala pala siya sa show.”

In the end, the business manager was still not able to convince Morrissette to go on stage, as the singer also declined this request.

For his part, Jobert explained, “Kung artist ka, the show must go on. Lahat naman tayo may mga problema, pinagdadaanan sa buhay. We have even worse. Iba nga namamatayan nagso-show, kasi may commitment ka, e.”

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