Take A Look At Alden Richards’s Contemporary Two-Storey House in Laguna

27-year-old ‘Pambansang Bae’ Alden Richards is a Filipino actor, TV host, product endorser, businessman, and recording artist. He was also known as part of the famous AlDub love team, when he was accidentally paired to his Eat Bulaga co-host Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza” in one of the episodes of “Juan for All, All for Juan” way back in 2015.

Following the success of his career in the entertainment industry, plus all his hard work and perseverance, Alden Richards was able to acquire a house and lot for him and his family in an exclusive village in Laguna.

This two-storey house that sits on a combined lot was built by its original owner, but the Kapuso actor opted to renovate this place based on his own preferences. He made a few adjustments through the help of an architect and an interior designer. Alden also revealed in an interview that the renovation of the house took almost 10 months to finish and he was involved in almost 40 percent of its construction. He also added that the furniture in their house was also chosen by him.

Now, let’s take a closer look on Alden Richards’ humble abode in Laguna;


The outside of the house looks so elegant and grand as it is surrounded by green plants and trees. The house’s captivating structure is completed with concrete tiles as roofing, sturdy posts, and bricks. Alden said that he wants to maintain the tower the tower-like structure of his property to make it unique among the other houses in their area.

Living and Dining Area

The Kapuso actor’s living area is cozy and inviting, it has neutral and light colors dominate this part of the house. It was designed with an off-white colored couch, fluffy pillows, a striking floor lamp, and glass-topped tables with wooden support. They also placed a coffee table, which was bought from a furniture maker in Tagaytay. The huge window allows the light streams into the living room.

In the dining area, they have an 8-seater customized dining table that they bought from the same furniture maker. This table has a solid glass top and a solid wood base. They also have a mesmerizing wire chandelier that appears like those wooden twigs hanging over the dining table. The sliding glass doors beside the dining area lead to their garden and lanai.

Bar and Kitchen Area

Before the renovation, the staircase used to be in the middle. It also has no wall concealing the kitchen. That’s why during the renovation, he asked the architect to move it to the corner and build a wall. This also provides a space for a minibar. They placed two upholstered stools and displayed some drinks and decor pieces on the racks and shelves.

The kitchen area has ample space for meal preparation, it has countertops that hold a variety of small appliances. This area is where Alden’s grandmother and other relatives can cook comfortably and move around freely. It is dominated by dark wood finishing that complements the light-colored wall.

Den and Veranda

Located on the second floor is a family den, this area contains their photos and keepsakes. It has two comfy sofas and a bunch of fluffy throw pillows. This part of the house serves as their bonding place, where they can enjoy watching movies, TV shows, and play some board games. They also dedicated one corner of this area to Aldens’ late mother, Mommy Rosario. They put a small side table that holds a vase of flowers, her photo, and her urn.

Another interesting part of the house that can be found on the second floor is the veranda. It has a calming view of the outdoors. This area was designed with cushioned seats, a small table for snacks and refreshments, and a hanging chair.


The lanai has cushioned seating pieces and a coffee table that holds décor pieces. The relaxing ambiance in this place is perfect for small talk while enjoying some snacks. The homeowners and guests can access this area through the sliding door in the dining area or through the house’s main gate.

Aldens’ Bedroom

For the Kapuso actor’s bedroom, he opted for a minimalist room with an inviting bed, a reclining chair, and tons of space for his superhero collection. Proving that he’s a huge fan of Iron Man, Alden has a life-size statue in his room. In front of his bed is a flat TV, with an open shelf that holds his Game of Thrones vinyl figures given by his fans.

Aside from that, he also has an altar with a statuette of Our Lady of Lourdes, a family heirloom, a rosary blessed by Pope Francis, a silver Holy Cross, a wooden crucifix from Jerusalem, an image of the Holy Family and a Saint Benedict’s medallion.

If you can notice that some of the walls in his bedroom are bare, he made it that way as he plans to add more of his collections—including a couple of Avengers’ collector pieces.

Walk-in Closet and Bathroom


The Kapuso actor also has a very organized walk-in closet, where he kept his shoes inside its boxes and placed it on the shelves. Meanwhile, Aldens’ bathroom is a simple and functional one, it was furnished with gray marble and mosaic tiles.