Raffy Tulfo Expressed Admiration For Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto, “Sana lahat ng Mayor tulad ninyo!”

59-year-old veteran broadcast journalist, TV and radio host, and social media personality “Idol” Raffy Tulfo is undeniably one of the most trusted media personalities. Many people look up to him as he is known as the savior of the powerless and defender of the poor.

But this time around, it was the well-known news anchor’s turn to express his admiration to the Pasig City mayor Vico Sotto, who helped the poor workers who were involved in a labor strike against their company.

In a recent episode of Raffy Tulfo’s afternoon program “Wanted sa Radyo,” he first talked about how he admired the mayor of Pasig City for the immediate action he has done for his constituents.

Raffy said in his show: “Heto yung idol ko, Nabasa ko sa news kanina kaya sabi ko tawagan natin, hanga ako dito. Isa po siyang mayor ng Pasig City, yung puso niya talagang sa masa.”

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The incident was connected to the 23 workers of the company, Regent Foods Corporation, who were arrested after participating in a strike.

He also asked Mayor Vico Sotto to consider him as one of his “avid followers.”

During the phone interview, Mayor Vico Sotto explained that the workers got involved in a collision with the company’s private security during their dispersal. However, he also pointed out that the problem between the company and the workers should not be overstated.

Out of these 23 arrested workers, 11 are still in jail. The Pasig City mayor said that they’re currently raising funds to take care of the workers’ bail. He also added that they are aiming that all of them will be set free that day.

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Many also expressed their admiration to the Pasig City mayor in the comment section of the video. Check out some of their comments below:

“Sana All may malasakit ang Mayor.”

“Wowwww mahinahon at timing si Mayor Vico,Idol napabuti mo napaka lawak ng panguunawa mo sa mga taong dukhang taong tulad ko. mabuhay po kayo idol.”

“Good job mayor viico sotto ang bait mo tlaga pareho kyo ni idol raffy.”

“Wow idol raffy tulfo with baby vico.”

“Mga new mayor cla ngayon ang maasahan Syempre pti c idol RAFFY we love you.”

“ito ang gusto ko tahimik pero nagtratrabaho at may dating na Mayor.”

“Hanga ako sau mayor sotto at sau idol raffy .Sana all katulad nyo po, god blessed po.”

“Tahimik ang mayor sa media pero may nagagawa. Keep it up Mayor.”

“Thank you Idol… mayor namin yan.”


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