Meet Kristine Hermosa’s Equally Beautiful Mother, Mommy Mai Orille

Filipina actress Anna Kirsten Esmeralde Hermosa Orille-Sotto, also known by her stage name Kristine Hermosa is still considered as one of the most beautiful celebrities in our country today.

The 36-year-old celebrity mom already has 4 adorable children with her husband Oyo Boy Sotto, the couple got married on January 12, 2011. Before their marriage, she was also married to actor Diether Ocampo on September 21, 2004, but it was officially annulled in 2009.

Kristine Hermosa Sotto | Instagram

But while the actress is not very active in doing TV series and films nowadays, many were still amazed whenever they see her latest photos online as it seems that she hasn’t aged a day because of her blooming and radiating beauty.

Last year, she made her comeback project in ABS-CBN adventure-fantasy drama series Bagani, she portrayed the character of Malaya, a goddess who is the wife of Bathala and the manipulative mother of Sarimaw.

In her most recent Instagram post, Kristine Hermosa’s 1.7 million followers got the chance to see her mom, Maria Alma “Mai” Orille, in their rare photos together.

“Missing you always, my Mama. I love you forever,” she wrote in the caption of the group photo she had with her mother, who lives abroad and her sister, actress Kathleen Hermosa.

Kristine Hermosa Sotto | Instagram

Many netizens were quick to comment that the two lovely ladies in the photo inherited their beauty from their mom, with some who noticed that their mom looked like an older version of Kristine.

This Instagram post has already gathered nearly 100k likes as of this writing. It also received tons of comments from her followers and fellow celebrities.

Meanwhile, her sister Kathleen Hermosa also shared a similar family photo on her account that includes their brother Joshua Miguel last October 16.

Kristine Hermosa Sotto | Instagram

She then wrote a caption in the photo that says: “I want to be like my Mama when it becomes my turn,” while adding “Sibling #3 missing in action,” referring to their other sister Maxine.

Kat Hermosa | Instagram

One netizen even left a comment on the post, “Mana sa mama.”