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Meet Donna Cruz 20-year-old Beautiful Daughter Isabelle ‘Belle’ Larrazabal

42-year-old former singer-actress Donna Cruz Yrastorza-Larrazabal, who is a member of the Philippine showbiz family Cruz used to be one of the most talked-about in showbiz during the ’90s.

Donna Cruz is notable for her role as the leading lady in ‘Villa Quintana’ with the actor Keempee de Leon back in 1995. Aside from this, she also starred in numerous films and TV series in different networks.

Dona Cruz | Instagram

But although her showbiz career promises a bright future ahead of her, Donna decided to leave the limelight after she got married to her husband, Dr. Yong Larrazabal, who is an ophthalmologist from Cebu.

The couple tied the knot on September 19, 1998, and they were blessed to have three children named Isabella Adriana nicknamed “Belle”, Potenciano IV nicknamed “Cian”, and Iñigo Renato nicknamed “Gio”.

Dona Cruz | Instagram

The former celebrity only daughter Isabella Adriana caught the attention of the netizens when photos of her surfaced online. Many can’t help but notice that she really looks a lot like her beautiful mom, with some saying that they saw a younger version of Donna in her daughter.

Based on some reports, the former actress named her after her favorite Disney character, “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast.

Isabella Adriana celebrated her 20th birthday last October 27, and her Mommy Donna Cruz shared a heartwarming message for her “unica hija” on her Instagram account.

Dona Cruz | Instagram

Donna Cruz wrote: “Everytime I try to define the real meaning of beauty, it’s my daughter – Belle that first comes into my mind…. her pure and beautiful heart reflects on her eyes and soul. That is why, even before she was born, I already knew what I would call her – BELLE! And I was truly hoping for a baby girl to be my/our panganay and so God has really blessed us with a beautiful (inside and out) daughter, our first born and I will never forget that day…. ever – October 27, 1999.”

Dona Cruz | Instagram

She went on to remind her daughter to keep the good attitudes she has and always remain humble, well-grounded, respectful, and God-fearing.

Dona Cruz | Instagram

Many netizens also commented on this IG post that this gorgeous mother and daughter really looks similar, especially on the part of their eyes and the way they smile.

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