Manny Pacquiao’s Daughter Princess Pacquiao Gives A Tour Of Their Home On Her YouTube Channel

Pinoy boxing icon and Senator Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao’s eldest daughter Mary Divine Grace Pacquiao or simply Princess recently shared a video on her YouTube channel while doing a house tour.

Aside from showing some glimpses inside their lavish house, the third child of Manny and Jinkee also included her siblings in her vlog to do some brief “Question & Answer” portion with them.

Last October 13, Princess uploaded the video with the title, “House Tour with Siblings!” on her official YouTube channel that goes by the name Mary Pacquiao. She was given by her parents the nickname “Princess” because she’s the eldest daughter.

Princess Pacquiao | Youtube

She started her by saying: “Today I will be doing a house tour. I will be showing you guys our whole house, and while doing that, I’ll be doing a small Q and A with everyone I meet.”

During the house tour, Manny’s daughter also showed her siblings’ rooms, the rooftop, the living room, kitchen, pool area, and as well as their household pets, birds, dogs, and cats.

The first room she showed in the video belongs to his little brother Israel, but he is not in their house at the time because he had swimming lessons. Followed by a quick tour inside the room that she shared with her younger sister Queenie.

The third room she visits is her Kuya Michael’s room. When she opened the door, her brother was still in bed, but he still granted his sister’s request for a tiny Q & A. She then asked, “If you were to have a superpower, what would it be?” Micheal replied that he would like to have super speed, just like the superhero “Flash.” For the second question, he was asked by Princess to share some of his interests, which include painting, music, dancing, beatboxing, playing the piano, drawing, and basketball.

While showing the other parts of their house, Princess stumbles with her little sister Queenie, and they had their Q&A in the pool area. During their small talk, it was revealed that her ideal superpower would be the ability to make ice because she always loves cold things. She also enjoyed playing with their pets and watching TV.

Princess Pacquiao | Youtube

Lastly, he was able to catch up with her Kuya Jimuel, who just finished eating his meal. For the superpower question, he shared that he would want to have the ability to fly.

Many netizens were happy that they were able to see some parts of the Pacquiao family’s house that are not usually featured in the news, online or in any magazines. Aside from that, many were able to know a few tidbits about Manny and Jinkee’s children that were revealed in her Q&A portion.

As of this writing, her vlog has gathered more than 2.2 million views.

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