Judy Ann SantoYohan’ss A Touching Birthday Greetings For Yohan’s 15th Birthday

Birthdays are special occasions in a person’s life that are meant to give thanks and to reflect upon how well you are still alive to celebrate the joy of life and the day you were born.

This is exactly how the celebrity mom and seasoned actress Judy Ann Santos did when she shared a touching birthday message for her eldest child, Johanna’ Yohan’ Louis, on her Instagram account.

Last Thursday, November 7, Judy Ann’s adoptive daughter just turned 15, and the 41-year-old actress will not let this day pass without expressing how much she feels so blessed to have Yohan in their lives.

She wrote: “15 already!? A year older.. definitely a year wiser .. Oh my baby love, from day one that I laid my eyes on you, you never fail to make me smile.. with your corny jokes, the way you swoon over K-dramas and BTS, ‘di ko man gets .. support ako diyan. I love you my sweet blessing.. you will always be a reminder that God listens. Happy 15th, baby love.”

The doting and supportive mom mentioned in her post that even though she can’t fully understand some of the things that her daughter likes such as watching K-dramas and her favorite K-pop boy group BTS, she will always be there to support her no matter what.

Based on some reports, it was back in 2004 when Judy Ann adopted Yohan. At the time, she was also reported to have a budding romance with actor-TV host Ryan Agoncillo, whom he met in the set of the TV series “Krystala.” Eventually, the two got married and Ryan also decided to adopt Yohan legally.

The celebrity couple has two other children named Juan ‘Lucho’ Luis, 8, and Juana’ Luna’ Luisa, 3.

The “Starla” star revealed in an earlier interview that she made Yohan aware that she was an adopted child as early as four years old.

Sharing more on how she made her understand that being adopted is not a bad thing, she said: “If you share it with a positive attitude, then you will inspire people or other adopted children na being adopted is such a good thing.”

Juday added, “It’s the most beautiful word that you can encounter because it just means na a family adopted you. They wanted you, they chose you to be part of their family.”

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