How The Celebrity Father Richard Gutierrez Disciplines His Two Kids, Zion and Kai

35-year-old Kapamilya actor Richard Guttierez has lived most of his life in front of the camera. He started his acting career as a child with his twin brother Raymond Guitterez. And as a child star, Richard even received the “Best Child Actor Nomination” for one of his first movie appearances “Takbo, bilis… takboooo!” in 1987.

Fast forward today, Richard already has two sons, Zion, 6, and Kai, 1, with his partner Sarah Lahbati.

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Richard is considered by many as one of the most handsome actors in the show business industry, because of his good physique and looks that he inherited from his celebrity parents, Anabelle Rama and Eddie Guttierez.

But aside from his good looks, many also expressed their admiration for the Kapamilya actor for having such a beautiful family and a very strong relationship with his celebrity partner for seven years.

Richard Gutierrez Instagram

What’s even more impressive about him is that when it comes to disciplining his children, he knows how to balance everything and this made him one of the most amazing celebrity fathers out there.

Recently, the loving and supportive father of Zion and Kai Guttierez revealed to the public what kind of father he is. Richard shared that he does not consider himself a strict dad; in fact, he is more lenient than Sarah.

He even described his parenting style as “saktong strict.”

Richard Gutierrez Instagram

He also believes that fatherhood is a continuous learning experience as his parenting skills grow throughout the years, and he learns more every day. But the most important part of it is he’s enjoying every process of it.

The 35-year-old Kapamilya actor also revealed that he’s taking inspiration from his dad Eddie, who raised him and his other siblings by allowing them who they want to be. He even described his dad as a “relax” one and not super strict, but he also sets boundaries that they should follow.

Richard and Sarah welcomed their first-born son Zion in 2013, while their second child Kai was born on March 21, 2018. The two also announced recently that they’re finally getting married next year.