Genius 9-year-old Boy From Belgium, Set To Become World’s Youngest University Graduate

At age 9, Laurent Simons from Belgium is set to become the youngest ever in the world to complete a degree from a university.

The genius young boy completed secondary school aged 8 and is currently studying at the Eindhoven University of Technology, taking up a degree in electrical engineering. Laurent is set to graduate next month after completing his studies for just nine months.

Laurent Simon | Facebook

When this happened, he will take the title of the world’s youngest graduate from Michael Kearney, who gained a degree from the University of Alabama at the age of 10.

Reportedly, the child has an IQ of at least 145, and it was his grandparents who first noticed his extraordinary ability. Eventually, it was also proven by Laurent’s teacher that he is indeed a gifted child.

He was then given a series of tests so that they can determine the extent of his talents. The young boy started studying at the young age of 4, he then completed the next five years of study in just a span of 12 months.

Because of his undeniable talent, he was given the chance to complete school faster than other students.

Laurent Simon | Facebook

Laurent’s mom, Lydia Simons said, “They noticed something very special about Laurent…They told us he is like a sponge.”

Professor Peter Baltus, his current tutor said that Simons is at least “three times smarter that the next most intelligent student he’s met in his lengthy career.”

Another person who taught Laurent in the past, Professor John Wilkes shared that he was his tutor when he’s just six, but the level of their studies at the time was for a 16-year-old student.

Meanwhile, his father told CNN that after graduating from college, his son plans to take on a PhD program in electrical engineering while also studying for a medicine degree, their family also comes from a family of doctors.

But just like other kids his age, Laurent also spends his time playing games on his mobile phone and with his dog. He also plans to go to Japan for a well-deserved break. In this way, he can still find a balance between being a child and his talents.