Daniela Mondragon’s Happily Ever After Reveals how he Captured Her Heart

There are thousands of ways to search for that one person you can truly be with, and yet people are left losing hope in finding love. In TV series, Kadenang Ginto, Dimples Romana, who plays as Daniela Mondragon, does everything to get the man she loves. But in reality, Dimples is happily in love with the guy who swept her off her feet.

The irony isn’t lost to her fans. In fact, she was interviewed in ABS-CBN’s morning show, ‘Magandang Buhay’, about the man who chased her and captured her heart. Who happens to be her husband of 15 years now and the father of her two beautiful kids. His name is Boyet Ahmee, and in the interview, he and Dimples shared how they met, fall in love and maintained their happily ever after.

Dimples Romana Instagram

Boyet recalls how Dimples was introduced to him by his friend, who was the actress’s current ex-boyfriend that time. Aside from that, they both lived in the same neighborhood which practically placed the actress in the same vicinity where he can approach her and talk to her. Ultimately, he became her confidante in almost anything, and when her father passed away, he was her crying shoulder and comfort that she leaned on.

It was how their friendship got stronger, and eventually, that blossomed into a love that lead to their happily ever after. Dimples explained how they both achieved to maintain a healthy, loving relationship all these years. According to her, “common respect” is one of the key elements that they hold on to that made their relationship last.

Dimples Romana Instagram

On their 15th anniversary, Dimples left a tear-jerking post on her Instagram account, which earned a lot of love and support from her followers.

She announced that there is a third party in their marriage. What’s more shocking is that she also claims that ‘there will always be’.

Dimples Romana Instagram

Leave it to Dimples to give a wedding anniversary post. But don’t get shocked, here’s a part of her caption.

“There’s always been a third party – the LORD. When we almost lost hope and faith in one another, we found comfort in knowing that the GOD who was present when we made our vows to love one another til death do us part is also present during these times and though we as human beings may run out of love and patience -HIS LOVE REMAINS and HIS LOVE will sustain us. For a faithful and forgiving love, THANK YOU. Happy almost 15th anniversary myluv.”

Now one would hope to find a love like this and learning from Dimples and Boyet, true love still exists. This loving couple surely sets as an inspiration to all.