Alice Dixson Shares That Her Stubborn Behavior Caused Her To Lose Lots Of Work In The Past

50-year-old Filipina actress and former beauty queen Alice Dixson is undeniably one of the well-known actresses in the showbiz industry in her generation. She was featured recently in several TV-series and movies such as “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano,”“Madrasta,” “Ngayon at Kailanman,” and “The Ghost Bride.”

She also has an upcoming film“Nuuk,” alongside award-winning actor Aga Muhlach. This movie was presented by VIVA Films and Mavx Productions and will be premiered in cinemas on November 6.

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In a recent interview on “Tonight with Boy Abunda,” the veteran actress whose acting career boomed in the late ‘80s, recalled the time of the peak of her showbiz career and admitted that her ‘unprofessional’ behavior resulted in a huge impact on her work as an actress.

Alice immediately agreed when the King of Talk Boy Abunda mentioned that her close friend in showbiz, Dina Bonnevie used to describe her as “Maldita” during their younger years.

“A lot of people got very upset with me. Because of my unprofessionalism, I lost a lot of work. That taught me na, ‘Hoy, mag ayos-ayos ka naman diyan,’” she said.

The “Nuuk” lead star has also revealed that she felt like a “primadonna” back then or those stars that have an inflated view of their own talent or importance, that’s there were times that she intentionally arrived to the sets of her films late.

Alice Dixson | Instagram

Her stubbornness in the past also leads to some arguments with Regal Films matriarch Lily Monteverde.

Alice Dixson | Instagram

When asked about the reason behind this behavior, Alice explained that she behaved that way because she was doing a lot of things at the same time, she was juggling her studies, time for her family, her love life, and work.

She also believed that her quick rise to stardom at the time has boosted her ego, “so lumaki ‘yung ulo ko.”

However, everything has changed right after she married her now ex-husband Ronnie Miranda, who helped put her feet back on the ground. She added that it was also a big factor that Ronnie was not a showbiz personality.

Alice Dixson | Instagram

The 50-year-old celebrity also credited her ex-husband for helping her to manage her life in Canada, this whole learning experience has developed her skills in terms of work-related stuff and pursuing her personal interest like applying for acting roles.

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