Megastar’s Daughter Frankie Pangilinan Is Now A Young Lady

On the episode of Tonight With Boy Abunda last July 2, the Megastar’s eldest daughter with husband Kiko Pangilinan, Frankie or Kakie, talk about her new single, her plans to study abroad and her favorite Sharon Cuneta song.

The 18-year-old aspiring singer-songwriter guested on the show and revealed to the King of Talk that she never had gone through formal lessons when it comes to playing the guitar as she learned by herself and also with the help from some of her friends.

Frankie also revealed that the night before the interview, she stayed up late because she was composing a song.

Talking about her new single “Battle Scars,” which the King of Talk noticed that it has an interesting title, Frankie admitted that at first, she found it annoying since she’s too young to have battle scars at that time. It was only after the song produced beautifully as a studio single when she learned to like it.

After that, she was requested to sing a part of her single. She also sang a short verse of one of her mom’s famous songs “Mr. DJ,” which is also her favorite among her mom’s songs.

The young celebrity graduated from senior high school last June and planned to go to college in New York. With that, Tito Boy asked her if she will continue her singing career here in the Philippines.

Frankie replied, “I’m gonna be leaving a part of myself here. I might be there, but my soul is still here,” and revealed that she’s recording new songs that will be ready for release soon.

In this special TV appearance that Tito Boy called “Frankihan,” the 18-year-old celebrity daughter was asked to answer several questions based on the photos displayed on the screen.

The first photo showed her in a bikini photo that she shared on Instagram in June. The King of Talk asked Frankie about the reaction of her parents upon seeing her social media post.

She then clarified that her mom and dad didn’t get mad over the bikini photos, adding more details Frankie said, “It depends on the intent of the photo, and my only intent was I’m at the beach, it’s my body…if girls can’t feel comfortable in their own body, if girls aren’t allowed to do what they want with their body, then what kind of world am I growing up in?”

The next photo showed Frankie with her mom and sisters, KC and Miel. Tito Boy asked her again if it’s true that she had differences with Sharon and Miel regarding K-pop, which she answered directly that it’s really true.

After giving her side when it comes to Korean music industry, the King of Talk also asked about her elder sister KC since she’s also included in the said photo, followed by a question if she has plans to get married soon, to which Frankie only gave a big laugh and said that she would need to ask the same question to her sister.

The Megastar’s daughter also shared how met and became close Pinoy Big Brother Otso ex-housemate, Rhys Eugenio, and denied the rumors that they were a couple.

According to Frankie, she’s been friends with Rhys even before he entered the PBB house, and he invited him for Christmas dinner when he had just moved to the Philippines two years ago since Rhys had no friends to celebrate the holidays with.

In the popular TWBA Fast Talk segment, the 18-year-old celebrity went on to share that Miguel, Stella, and Hannah Pangilinan are her closest cousins in the family. Aside from that, Frankie shared that she got her laugh and humor from her mom and revealed that her “edge” over her half-sister KC Concepcion is that KC has a perfectly straight spine, while she has scoliosis.