Look: La Salle Graduate Pays Tribute To Her Labandera Mom And Security Guard Father

Recently, a proud daughter of a ‘labandera’ (laundrywoman) and a security guard post a lengthy message to thank her parents after she earned her degree in Medical Technology at De La Salle University, which is known as one of the most expensive and leading universities in the Philippines.

Despite not being well off, the young woman was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to study in the said University with the help of the scholarship the school has provided and the never-ending love and support of her parents.

She is now a registered Medical Technologist and Wattpad pop fiction writer who goes by her pen name ‘Reinn’.

Mary Reinn | Twitter

In a now trending thread on Twitter, Reinn narrated the hardships that she and her family faced while striving to finish her studies. Her father is working as a security guard and her mother as a laundrywoman, although the combined salary of her parents could never afford the tuition fees for a semester at La Salle but as Reinn said, “God really provided.”

She is also glad that her parents molded her to become who she is today and taught her at a young age the real value of education.

Reinn wrote: “I survived 4 years in La Salle with my dad being a security guard and my mama having no work.”

“At a young age I’ve always believed that ‘ang edukasyon ang kaisa-isang bagay na hindi mananakaw ninoman’, so at young age, I took that as my foundation to strive harder in studying even if we are a really poor.”

Mary Reinn | Twitter

Reinn continued that she studied really hard to excel in school and her hard work paid off as she graduated Salutatorian and receive a scholarship for high school. But although she was granted a full academic scholarship in La Salle, she still has many things to pay for, like, uniform, books, food, and travel allowance and a lot more.

Luckily, she also received support from other foundations that cover her allowance and food at a Japanese restaurant. Her father worked hard to provide the miscellaneous fees, while her aunt paid for the rest of her tuition fees.

The young woman credited her security guard father and said that everything wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for her father’s hard work and perseverance. She also went on to express her gratitude to her mother for always taking care of her and staying by her side throughout her journey.

Mary Reinn | Twitter

“It wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for my dad’s hardwork, I can still remember him helping me with all the documents I needed for all my scholarships, he would go, even if it’ll rain or shine. He’ll always find ways. All I need to do is study hard,” Reinn recalled.

“I don’t want to discredit my Mama’s care for me too. She’s always there for me too. I just want the world to know about them because despite of not being able to support me financially in education, they were able to give me the love, support and care that I needed the most.”

Reinn added, “To clear things out, may mga utang kami noon. That’s why my mama can’t work she has to do laundry kung saan kami may utang. It has been 4 long years, and she was able to pay it alone just by doing their laundry as compensation to them while taking care of us three,” she added.

She also reminded those people who are also striving hard to reach their goals in life, not to doubt themselves but rather believe that they can do everything.

“Basta, always remember to believe in yourself, never doubt yourself (I’ve learned this while reviewing for board exam), don’t think you can’t because YOU CAN. AND NEVER EVER FORGET GOD ONCE YOU GET WHAT YOU PRAYED FOR,” Reinn said.

After graduating from La Salle this year, she took the board exams and became a registered medical technologist (RMT). But aside from her academic achievements, Reinn is also an author @secretlychasing on Wattpad and was able to publish her book this year, “Until She Fell in Love” which is now available in bookstores nationwide.

Source: buzzooks