Look: Bianca Gonzalez Shared First Long Motorcycle Ride With Husband JC Intal

It seems like the 36-year-old beautiful Television host and model Bianca Monica Malasmas Gonzalez or simply Bianca Gonzalez has found a new bonding activity with her PBA player husband JC Intal.

In a lengthy post she shared last Sunday, October 20, Bianca took to Instagram to share that she recently joined her husband for his motorcycle ride to Tagaytay City,

Bianca Gonzales | Instagram

But what made this ride something worth sharing to her 2.3 million followers is that this was her first back ride trip with JC for such a far place.

“My husband has been inviting me to back ride ever since he started riding motorcycles, and my answer would always be ‘no.’ Finally, last night, I agreed to go with him on a breakfast ride to Tagaytay.” she started her post.

Although this was not her first-ever motorcycle ride, she admits that she is still not used to traveling in motorcycles as she had only gone back riding in “nearby places” like Pasig or Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

Bianca Gonzales | Instagram

To make her feel more secure, her PBA player husband provided all the protective gear that she will be needing. She continued, “When I said yes, he immediately bought me all the safety gear I needed: riding jacket, riding pants, riding shoes, helmet, gloves.

This morning, I still had my reservations, but I gave him my word. Plus, how could I say no when he gamely wore a Maui costume just to complete our family Halloween costume?!”

Bianca went on to share more of her actual experience, “The ride was much more enjoyable, comfortable, and relaxing (!!!) than I thought it would be. Ryan Agoncillo would always tell me how your sensory experience is so different on a motorcycle compared to the confines of a car; that you appreciate everything around you much, much more. And I felt that,” referring to Juday’s husband who is also a motorcycle enthusiast.

Bianca Gonzales | Instagram
Bianca Gonzales | Instagram

The 36-year-old TV host and first-time mom also got the chance to enjoy something that she doesn’t really like, staying under the rain.

“Going up to Tagaytay, it started to drizzle, and usually I would be the first to seek shelter when drops would start to fall… but this morning, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the little cool prickles that would seep through my jacket and the drops that trickled on my helmet. A bit further up, we were approaching this thick fog that embraced the tree tops, and riding into it felt like going in and out of clouds. It was magical and unlike anything I have ever experienced before.. maybe a bit like sky diving but peaceful and in slow motion!?”

When the couple finally reached their destination, which is a breakfast stop, Bianca had a good time connecting with “new and old friends,” and as well as the simple but delicious meal that completes their long ride.

Bianca Gonzales | Instagram

She ended her post saying that being with her husband on this trip made her understand why JC likes riding motorcycles.

“I always understood that my husband enjoys riding his motorcycle as somewhat of a getaway, a release, a way to clear his mind, a way to enjoy an adventure. But getting to ride a longer ride made me appreciate it more…

“Thank you mahal. I guess this is something different that we can look forward to doing together again sometime. @jcintal7”

Meanwhile, it was revealed through JC’s Instagram post that it took him almost 3 years to convince her beautiful wife to back ride with him.

Source: pep.ph