Ina Raymundo Eldest Daughter Erika Rae Marks Her 18th Birthday With A Fun Foam Party

43-year-old ‘Sabado Nights’ girl Ina Raymundo still can’t believe that her first child is now a young lady.

The veteran actress’ has five lovely children with husband Brian Portunak and their eldest daughter, Erika Rae, just celebrated her 18th birthday party in an awesome way as she pulled off a fun foam party attended by her family and close friends.

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Recently on Instagram, stunning photos of the birthday celebrant together with her mom Ina, dad, and four siblings captured the attention of many as they posed for a beautiful family photo wearing different colored outfits resembling the 7 colors of “rainbow.”

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Meanwhile, the actual foam party itself looks really enjoyable as her little siblings, and some of their guests can be seen having a good time while playing with the bubbles.

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Erika was born on October 10, 2001, in Canada, but she was raised here in the Philippines.

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To mark this very special day for her daughter, the loving mom penned a touching message to Erika in her Instagram account on the actual day of her birthday last. She also included a throwback photo taken during the time while she was still pregnant with her.

“Dad and I are still a bit in denial that you turn 18 today. We remember vividly the day you were born. The hospital in Vancouver forgot to give me an epidural, so you were the most alert of all. That smirk, with your Angelina Jolie lips, you gave us the first time we held you in our arms…unforgettable,” she recalled the first time she and her husband saw Erika the day she was born.

Ina Raymundo also mentioned her daughter’s uniqueness among her siblings, as it was Erika, who has the strongest personality, but she is also the sweetest one.

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“Now that you’re finally 18, you’ve matured so much. You have a good head on your shoulders and a beautiful heart, Erika.

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“You will always be the feisty and fiery one in the family, but you are the sweetest too. We can see how you love your siblings so much and can be very protective of them. We are blessed to have you. Happy 18th Birthday, Erika! It’s your time to soar high. Mom and Dad will be here to support you no matter what. We love you so much,” she added.