Ice Seguerra Shares Thoughts On PAL’s Policy On Banning Musical Instruments As Carry-On Luggage

Cariza “Ice” Yamson Seguerra or formerly known professionally as Aiza Seguerra has a long message to Philippine Airlines (PAL) on their controversial policy of not allowing their passengers to bring their musical instruments as carry-on luggage.

Last Thursday, September 26, the 36-year-old performer took to Instagram to share his thoughts on this matter.

Ice included a photo of Orchestral conductor Gerard Salonga, who also questioned the said airline’s restriction to make their instruments carry-on despite being safe and fit in the overhead space of the cabin.

The former child star explained that musical instruments are very important to musicians like him and they value it a lot because it’s one of their primary sources of living and the cost of their instruments are also high.

He went on to share his negative experience with PAL involving his guitar that he had to check in because of the strict instruments policy. But upon reaching their destination in Cebu, he then experienced some issues in collecting his guitar.

Photo Credit: Ice Seguerra | Instagram

“Nangyari na po sa akin na mayroon akong gig sa isang island near Cebu. I checked in my instrument kasi nga policy ninyo na bawal sa dalhin sa loob ng cabin. Pagkarating sa Cebu, lahat ng gamit ng mga pasahero lumabas na, wala pa rin yung gitara ko. I asked the boys na nag baba ng gamit and they told me na walang gitara.

“Siyempre na praning ako. Paano ako kakanta? Anong gagamitin ko? Borrowing somebody else’s guitar is totally unacceptable. And from Cebu, kailangan pa namin mag ferry para marating yung location. And ang mas lalong nakakapraning, NASAAN YUNG GITARA KO??? Saan lupalop ng Pilipinas napunta. Nung pinatrack namin, ayun, napunta sa Davao yung gitara. My guitar made it to our location just in time for my solo set. Minsan, lalabas sa conveyor na cracked yung guitar case. Marami na rin akong kilalang nabasagan na talaga ng gitara,” Ice shared.

He also called out the waiver that the airline company is providing, wherein passengers are obliged to sign the paper saying that PAL will not be responsible for any issues or damage to their instrument.

Ice added, “Hindi po biro ang pag aalala namin sa tuwing mag check in kami ng instrumento because you guys always make us sign the waiver na pag may nangyaring hindi maganda sa instrumento namin, labas kayo diyan. Sinubukan ko dating hindi pirmahan, pero kung hindi pipirmahan, hindi ninyo totally isasakay.

“Sumasakay po kami sa PAL because iba pa rin ang serbisyo ninyo. Except for this. And I honestly don’t understand your reasons. For safety? Sa liit ng cabin, ang hirap iwasiwas ng gitara. Space? Kasya po yung mga gitara namin sa overhead o kaya sa coat rack. Lalo na yung mga violin.”

In the last part of his post, Ice hopes that this policy can still be amended and suggests to set up a negotiation between musicians and the PAL policy team so that they can possibly come up with a new policy that would be fair to all.

Source: push