Gretchen’s Daughter, Dominique Cojuangco Asked Her Mom To Fly To San Francisco, California

In the middle of the big controversy surrounding the Barretto sisters and their family, Gretchen Barretto decided to fly to San Francisco, California, to be with her daughter Dominique Cojuangco.

She is the only daughter of Gretchen with the billionaire businessman, Tonyboy Cojuangco.

Last Tuesday, October 15, the sad news was shared with the public as their father Miguel Barretto passed away at age 82 after spending almost two weeks in the hospital. But the unexpected thing happened as this unfortunate incident also led to the most talked-about issue this month.

Dominique Barretto Cojuangco | Instagram

It all started when Gretchen finally visited the wake of their late father last October 16. Based on several reports, she got involved in a public feud with her younger sister Marjorie Barretto and other family members. President Rodrigo Duterte also attended the wake, and he was the one who asked the Barretto sisters to consider reuniting with one another.

After this intense incident, the drama still continues in Gretchen’s social media posts on Instagram and Instagram Stories all through the weekend.

Some names were even dragged to their family issues, including her niece, Nicole Barretto, and businessman Atong Ang.

Dominique Barretto Cojuangco | Instagram

Recently, Gretchen has decided to have some light environment as she flew to San Francisco, California, to spend some time with her only daughter, Dominique Cojuangco, who is currently based in the said country for her post-graduate studies.

Dominique Barretto Cojuangco | Instagram

In one of her latest Instagram posts, the 49-year-old former actress uploaded a video where a huge brown dog welcomed her in a super sweet way. Based on her post, the dog’s name is “Chapo” and it can be seen hugging La Greta many times, it seems that the dog is really happy to see her once again.

Gretchen also revealed in the caption that it was Dominique who requested her to go in San Francisco so that she can take care of her mom who happened to lose some weight because of all the controversy she’s facing.

“Just what I need, a whole lot of love. My little one @dominique asked me to fly to San Francisco for her to feed me, she says she won’t let me go home until I gain back some weight. Role reversal. My grandson Chapo got to me first. Welcome to San Francisco.”

Source: cosmo