Cheska and Doug Kramer Granted The Wish Of Their Longtime Kasambahay

Here in the Philippines, many people consider their house helpers or “kasambahay” as part of their own family. They are the ones who help us make our lives easier and that someone that we can trust and depend on in many things related to household activities.

The most common tasks that they do almost every day are cleaning our house, washing and ironing our clothes, preparing the food, and even taking care of our children or the elder ones whenever we’re away from home.

Most of the time, our dedicated house helpers only have a couple of minutes to take a break during day time because they need to make sure that everything in the house is in their proper order.

That’s why it is a really big help for them to come across kind employers that will not provide them with things that can make their work easier, but also care for them and will treat them as part of their family.

Just like “Team Kramer” or the celebrity couple Doug and Cheska Kramer, who are known for being generous and soft-hearted to all of their ‘kasambahays’.

The couple who recently transferred to their dream home recently made headlines as they provided their house helpers a bigger space and an entertainment area as their resting place.

This time, Doug and Cheska’s special treatment to their house helper was once again highlighted for granting one of their longtime “kasambahay” Yaya Josie’s request that can make her work in the laundry area easier.

In a recent Instagram post, Doug Kramer uploaded a video showing their surprise for one of their long-time kasambahay, Yaya Josie. Aside from providing a more durable and spacious laundry area, the couple bought a brand new automatic top-load washing machine.

They also shared that in their previous house, they used to have a manual washing machine that tends to add extra work for Yaya Josie.

Now that they have this more convenient automatic washing machine from a well-known appliances brand. Cheska then added that she also believes that having nice and very helpful appliances made the house helpers more diligent and inspired to work.