Aga Muhlach Shares Contentment In His Life As A Father & Family Man: “I’m in my happiest”

Ultimate leading man Ariel Aquino “Aga” Muhlach expressed his happiness that he was able to raise his twins, Atasha and Andres well.

The 50-year-old multi-awarded actor shared that being a successful family man and a father to his children is something that he considered as his biggest achievement so far.

The celebrity father said: “I’m in my happiest, most comfortable, and most content position now.”

However, Aga also admits that he is starting to feel some signs of aging, especially now that he’s already 50 years old. “Yung katawan mo, nag-iiba talaga. Punyeta. Lahat ng workout gagawin mo, tapos pagkain mo, isang kain lang parang 20 pounds na ‘yung kinain mo. Anyway, never surrender, laban lang,” he shared.

This last quarter of the year, the veteran actor seems to be very busy as he starred in his two upcoming films “Nuuk,” together with Alice Dixson, which was said to be the first Filipino film that will be screened in the Danish Film Festival, it will be shown in cinemas this coming November 16. The other one is the Pinoy adaptation of “Miracle In Cell No. 7,” an entry for the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival that is set to premiere on Christmas.

Despite all of his present commitments in show business, the doting father makes sure that he allots enough time for their family.

“Most of the time, we just stay at home. Iyon ang bonding time namin. When the kids are away, my wife and I, we talk over a cup of coffee. We also work out together. We also travel together.”

“Now that they’re teens, they have their own lives. They go to their room, they have their friends, they go to the gym, they have practice. So it’s pretty normal,” Aga explained.

Sharing more of their parenting style, Aga said, “We allow the kids to go out, to the mall, or have dinner with friends. We just always have to know where they are. I guess, now is the time to just let them be a little independent or let them grow on their own.

“I grew up independently, and I want them to experience the same thing. There’s a certain age that telling them what to do isn’t always the way to go, so you let them be.”

He is also happy and proud that they were to raise them away from the limelight and just like normal children. Aga also explained that as much as they can provide for them financially, they’re willing to do it, but he also clarified that it’s only until they finished their studies because after that, they will let them work on their own.

“I take pride, just seeing them, growing up normal. Makikita mo na nag-eenjoy sila away from the limelight. Parang feeling ko sa pagiging artista, kung active na active ako, yet we were able to bring up our kids to live as normally as they could.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with being in the industry, it’s just that they don’t need it. If we can provide while they’re kids, we will do that. But they know for a fact that after college, they’re really on their own. We’ve instilled that, it’s not going to be us providing them and working for them. Well, that’s what I tell them,” Aga stated.

Aga Muhlach married the beauty queen turned actress Charlene Gonzales on May 28, 2001, their wedding was held at St. Joseph the Worker Parish in Pacdal, Baguio City. After that, the celebrity couple welcomed their fraternal twins Atasha and Andres.

Source: push