The Reason Why Joel Cruz Is Not Allowing His Children To Use Mobile Phones

As president and CEO of Aficionado, which is a well-known company of perfumes and other stuff, Joel Cruz has all the ability to provide his children with everything they want. But he chose not to give them one of the most usual things that many of the modern-day kids now have — mobile phone or gadgets.

Cruz now has eight adorable and healthy kids, he has three sets of twins and two single births. His eldest twins, Prince Sean and Princess Synne, are already 7 years old, another pair of twin, Prince Harry and Prince Harvey, 3 years old, twins, Charles and Charlotte, both 2 years old, 1-year-old Zaid, and his youngest Zid, who is turning 1 this coming November. All of his children were conceived through In-Vitro Fertilization in Russia.

Unlike many parents, Joel decided not to expose his children to any gadgets because he believes that raising them in a gadget-free environment will not only benefit the health of his eight children but also for the betterment of their family bonding.

The “Lord of Scents” is very proud that he was able to impose this strict policy in their home as he can now see the positive effects in their family.

In a recent interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the “Lord of Scents” Joel Cruz proudly shared that he is very happy that he was able to impose this no-gadget policy in their home as he can now see the positive effects of it in their family.

He also added what some reasons why he is not allowing them to use mobile phones, the businessman and celebrity father shared a scenario he saw in a family while having their dinner at a restaurant. Instead of talking to each other, they were all busy and focused on the screens of their mobile devices, which is something that Joel Cruz doesn’t want to happen to his own family.

Another thing is the health of the children, more particularly their eyes, which can be damaged if they’re going to use mobile devices for an excessive amount of time. Joel went on and said that they can use gadgets when they’re older and only for the means of research or study.

While he also admits letting them borrow his or their nanny’s phone for those times that it cannot be avoided, they still make sure to limit the screen time to 10 minutes. Instead of gadgets, he provides other sources of entertainment such as books and toys that can further enhance their skills and association with others.