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Take A Closer Look At Bayani Agbayani’s Simple & Loving Family

50-year-old comedian-actor and host Bayani Agbayani, who seems like making people happy is his second nature is undeniably one of the finest and funniest comedians in the local entertainment industry.

In his 25 years in the entertainment industry, the comedian-actor made a lot of people laugh in his films that mostly involve actions with comedy. Because of that, he also became a bankable sidekick to the brightest stars in the country.

Photo Credit: Bayani Agbayani | Instagram

Photo Credit: Bayani Agbayani | Instagram

’Let’s take a closer look who is Bayani Agbayani as a husband and a father to his four Marias.

Bayani Agbayani or Bayani Rogacion, Jr. in real life has been married to his non-showbiz wife Lenlen for more than two decades now. To mark their commitment to their marriage, Bayani and Lenlen both have a tattoo of the date of their nuptials in different parts of their body.

Photo Credit: Bayani Agbayani | Instagram

Photo Credit: Bayani Agbayani | Instagram

He is also a doting father to his four daughters, Maria Thalia, Rosalinda Marie, Mary Mar, and Marian Sabrina. If their names seem familiar to you, the celebrity father revealed that because his wife Lenlen is an ultimate fan of Thalia —the most influential 90s Mexican singer-actress. The couple decided to name her four daughters after the famous characters she portrayed.

The couple shared during their recent family guesting on Magandang Buhay how they raised them to be simple and ordinary, and nurture them into obedient, upright, and street-smart citizens.

The comedian father also revealed they let their kids commute when they go home from school.

Lenlen and Bayani went on to share some parenting advice, according to them, parents should never forget to reward their children every time they do something good. They also let their daughter decide for themselves as a way of honing them.

Photo Credit: Bayani Agbayani | Instagram

Photo Credit: Bayani Agbayani | Instagram

The couple added that parents should also refrain from hitting or reprimanding them if their kids were stubborn or whenever they commit mistakes. Perhaps, they should deal with it in a proper manner.

Since talking about sexual issues in a very conservative country can be daunting, they tried to limit discussing it as much as possible, but they already included some topics in their conversations, so they are somehow aware of the important details.

Then it comes to their ’daughters’ privacy, Bayani and Lenlen said that they never check the phones and social media accounts of their kids.

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