Sunshine Cruz Recalled Friendship With Karla Estrada: “Na-link kami kasi masyado raw kaming close!”

Sunshine Cruz and Karla Estrada have been two of the celebrity friends who managed to keep their friendship throughout the years. The two alluring actresses were both known as hot vixens in the early 1990s.

During their teenage years, Sunshine and Karla were also introduced and featured as part of That’s Entertainment —they were in the fifth batch of “Regal babies,” or the talents of Mother Lily Monteverde’s Regal Entertainment. They worked together in films like “First Time… Like a Virgin!” in 1992 and “Teenage Mama” in 1993.

As time goes by, these two beautiful actresses go through their respective career paths and even working for different TV networks. But despite their busy schedules and personal struggles in life, they still manage to keep their sisterly connection after all these years.

Both of them are now very loving and doting moms to their children, Sunshine has three lovely daughters, while Karla was blessed with four adorable children. After more than two decades of friendship, these two lovely celebrity mothers still make time to catch up and keep their sisterly bond strong.

In their guesting on the late-night comedy talk show Gandang Gabi Vice back in September 2016, Sunshine and Karla shared some interesting details about their friendship. Karla also revealed Sunshine’s super shy and quiet personality back then, which is the exact opposite of her very jolly and loud personality.

Meanwhile, Sunshine said in the same interview that she really looked up and idolized her friend Karla because she is a great singer, actress, and very gorgeous.

Fast forward to recent days, even though these two celebrity moms are already in their early 40s, they still made it a point to remain as close to each other as possible.

During the interview of the 42-year-old actress, Sunshine Cruz in an episode of “Tonight with Boy Abunda” last August, she revealed that because of her extreme closeness with Karla Estrada, they were even linked romantically and rumored to be Karla’s girlfriend during their younger years.

source: abscbn