Sharon Cuneta Shares That She’s Now Recovering From Over Half-a-Billion Debts

The Megastar Sharon Cuneta attended a press conference on Monday, September 23, for her upcoming Iconic concert with Regine Velasquez. This much-awaited concert of the Megastar and Asia’s songbird is happening on October 18 and 19 at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City.

During the interview, the 53-year-old singer-actress also talked about her decision not to do many TV projects. She said that aside from being tired, many things already changed in the landscape of the entertainment industry, that’s why instead of being active again in show business she just wanted to focus more on her family.

Sharon also shared some updates about her massive debts, which, according to her is now down to a few hundred millions.

While she did not specify the exact amount and chose not to give further details on why and how she incurred these huge debts. What’s more important for her now is that she is slowly recovering from it.

Sharon shared, “A few years ago I was so problematic. Iwas…remember I even post it in social media—which I don’t do anymore! Hahaha! I said I was at the lowest point of my life and career, I’ve never been so sad. And that was when everyone thought that I was clinically depressed, that I might kill myself…of course, people like to exaggerate.

“I was really sad and I didn’t know what to do and I had a big-big-big utang…when I say utang, I think I never told you the exact amount—it was over half a billion! And now I’m down to couple of hundreds of million. So, I’m fine. I was able to pay that back because of smart investing in the past. So that was how big my problems were. So down a few hundred. And I’m working. But I’m okay. I’ve invested so it’s just a matter of managing my…”

She admitted being so down, depressed and very sensitive during those times. She became popular on social media as she tends to post a lot and even replied to those who reacted negatively.

The celebrity mom added, “And so I had to work non-stop but at that point.I couldn’t work and I didn’t know what to do and then I realized that I removed my focus from God and started focusing too much on my problems… that I was becoming the kind of person that I despised, the kind of person I never wanted to be, the kind of people I would avoid in showbiz since I was young.

“So parang, ‘Ba’t ako nagkaganito?’ Magmula sa Twitter na hindi ako sanay, ba’t ako pumapatol? Parang anong nagawa ’ko? Ano’ng nangyayari? You know, sa madaling-salita, when I refocused on God who’s bigger than all the problem this world can throw my way, I refocused on Him, I said I surrendered everything.

But good things happened when she decided to refocus her attention and turned back to God. After surrendering everything to Him, all of her problems started to change in a positive way.

“You know after all that, all the… everything started getting lighter, the financial problem started getting solved, the projects started coming in, I started losing weight… in January, magpo-four years na akong nagdi-diyeta. Hahaha!

“So when they I ask me how much more [I need to lose]? I say 20 to 30 (pounds. But when I lose ten, I still say 20 to 30. . . hehehe. . . so I always say 20 to 30 but I’ve lost about 80 something 90 yeah, already and I lose again in New York hindi ko maiwan si Frankie coz it was painful,” she continued.

It can be recalled that way back in May 2017, rumors and speculations spread online that Sharon Cuneta is on the verge of bankruptcy or having massive debt. It all started when the Megastar shared an intriguing post on her social media account about her financial status, “I am probably the poorest, most cash-strapped billionaire you know.”

Sharon, nag open up tungkol sa half a Billion na utang

source: pikapika