Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa’s Youngest Son is Soon To be Heartthrob

Kristine Hermosa has been married to husband Oyo Boy Sotto for more than 8 years now. The couple was blessed with four lovely children: Kiel, 10, Ondrea, 7, Kaleb, 4, and their youngest child, Vin, who is only 2 years old.

On January 12, 2011, the celebrity couple tied the knot in an intimate Christian wedding in Batangas. But since then, the two actors just occasionally accepted TV projects as they wanted to focus more on raising their growing family.

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Unknown to many, their family is not the typical celebrity family as they opted not to have household helpers, no factotums (alalay) or even nannies working for them as both Oyo Boy and Kristine were very hands-on parents when it comes to their kids.

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In a recent interview with The STAR, the 36-year-old celebrity mom shared the reason why they chose to do most of the household chores on their own.

“I’m very hands-on, many moms claim that they are hands-on, but I really opt to do everything. I know all of the things in the house. My kids are home-schooled. Kami ni Oyo, nagpapalitan kami. Most of the time, we have no helpers. I am cleanliness freak and sometimes, hindi nila makuha ‘yung gusto ko. I am meticulous when it comes to cleanliness,” she explained.

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Kristine added, “As much as possible, talagang praying for grace because if I do all the roles nakakaubos din. But if you have joy in your heart and in your roles in life, kaya naman with God’s grace.

When asked about the score she could rate her husband Oyo Boy as a husband and a father to their kids, she gave a perfect score of 10. She went to explain the reason behind his good score. “Not because I am biased, ha. I am just being honest. He’s also very hands-on. I am blessed to have him. Many guys today have a different perspective having a family and a wife. Thankful ako kasi iba ang perspective ni Oyo, godly and adhering to God’s rules,” she said.

As both disciplinarian parents, she said that they always make sure to spend time to discipline their kids whenever they did something wrong.

“We attended parenting seminars and we were taught that6 no matter how tired we were, we have to make time. There are times when you get burned out, but we were old that if you want to have a child who is disciplined, kailangan once may ginawang mali, deal with it at once. It cannot be later on or some other time. Either give them the rod right away or talk to them. Do not give them that after days have passed. Otherwise they will be confused what or where they did wrong,” the 36-year-old mom added.

Kristine was also asked what are the things that they learned from their parents that they’re also practicing now with their own kids.

“My parents got married really young, so I was aware that they didn’t know how to raise a child the right way, in a biblical way. When we were small, they used belt, palo, kung ano `yung mahawakan. We grew up that way so Oyo and I don’t want to deal with the kids that way. We do use the rod, pero tumatama lang’ yun sa puwet. That’s the proper way,” Kristine shared.

“You have to respect your children. Hindi naman dapat mawala `yung self-esteem. Tao rin sila, and you are trying to build their character. Dapat solid. I’ve learned a lot from my parents such as disciplining the child, but there are better ways to discipline. My dad always told me about integrity, word of honor, and not to be late. That’s why I don’t want to be late. Kung anong sinabi mo, pang-hahawakan ko `yan kasi ganoon ako,” she added.

When it comes to the benefits of starting your own family and having kids at a relatively young age, Kristine said, “You grow up with your children. You learn a lot. If you want a lot of kids, you can have a lot. Malakas ka pa to play with them. Nasasabayan mo pa sila. God knew that I wanted my own family and raise my children. I don’t want it to happen that right after giving birth, you go back to work. Talagang focus, and ABS-CBN knew that I would lie low when once I got married.”

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Meanwhile, the hands-on celebrity father, Oyo Boy also shared his thoughts about spanking as a form of discipline to children.

The 35-year-old celebrity dad wrote a social media post that spanking is unnecessary by quoting a verse from Proverbs: “Those who spare the rod of discipline hate their children. Those who love their children care enough to discipline them.” Proverbs 13:24”

But we can perfectly understand if he can’t use his “hands to discipline” his four adorable children, especially his youngest son, Vin, who is super cute in these photos shared online.

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Many netizens can’t help but notice that he looks a lot like his grandmother, Dina Bonnevie.

Photo Credit: Oyo Sotto | Instagram

Here are some of the reactions from their relatives and friends:

“Super Guapo!!!”

“Ang Gwapo ni Vin!!!”

“Big boy na!!!! Grabe bilis!!!”

“Ang guwapong bata naman”