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Meet The Beautiful Daughter of Jestoni Alarcon Who Is Now A Kapuso Actress

Anthony Jesus Alarcon or more popularly known as the actor-politician Jetsoni Alarcon is married to his beautiful Lizette Alarcon for more than two decades already. The couple was blessed with three children, namely, Jessica, Angela, and Anthony.

The 55-year-old Kapuso actor who already spent several years in show business seems to be very happy now that one of his children already follow in his footsteps and is now officially an actress in the same network he’s currently in.

Photo Credit: Angela Alarcon | Instagram

Jetsoni’s beautiful second daughter, Angela Alarcon joined the Kapuso Network this year just after graduating from the University of the Philippines-Diliman as cum laude with a degree in speech communication.

Angela Alarcon is now the newest talent of GMA Artist Agency. She has been recently introduced in the said network, along with other new GMA-7 talents.

She is set to play her first role in the action-drama series “Beautiful Justice,” starring Yasmien Kurdi Gabbi Garcia, and Bea Binene.

Photo Credit: Angela Alarcon | Instagram

Photo Credit: Angela Alarcon | Instagram

The three lead actress will bring to prime time the story of Kitkat, Brie, and Alice — women of strength brought together by the tragic passing of their loved ones.

Photo Credit: Angela Alarcon | Instagram

During their media conference, the young actress admitted that she really wanted to enter showbiz just like her father. However, she made a promise to her parents that she will finish her study first before pursuing her longtime dream.

She was then asked what advice her her father gave her, Angela said,

“Always be focus on your goal like aasahan naman in the future na you can’t please everyone, so always focus on your goal no matter kung ano man sabihin sa iyo, kung ano man ‘yung neg4tive or pessimistic comment na ibato sa ‘yo kailangan tanggap lang.”

Photo Credit: Angela Alarcon | Instagram

Photo Credit: Angela Alarcon | Instagram

But aside from being beautiful and smart, Angela also has a passion for sports. As a matter of fact, the young stunner is a taekwondo black belter.

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