Luis Manzano Gifted Parents With Custom Paintings To Show How Much He Loves Them

Celebrity parents Vilma Santos-Recto and Edu Manzano recently received a special gift from their son, Luis.

Last September 1, the 38-year-old “I Can See Your Voice” host shared a post on his Instagram account where he gifted both his parents customized paintings as a simple way of expressing his love for them.

The post includes two photos showing Vilma and Edu holding the paintings that were done by the artist, Mark Rocha Padernal.

Photo Credit: Luis Manzano | Instagram
Photo Credit: Luis Manzano | Instagram

For his “Star for All Season” mother, Vilma Santos, the painting shows a touching image of her young mother while holding and sharing a candid moment with him as a child.

Edu’s painting, on the other hand, featured a powerful portrait of a father and son, which is called, “The Master and the Apprentice”.

Photo Credit: Mark Rocha Padernal | Instagram
Photo Credit: Mark Rocha Padernal | Instagram

Luis also thanked Marian Rivera in the photo’s caption for introducing him to the said artist, who also made a similar commissioned painting for Marian’s husband Dingdong Dantes for his 39th birthday last month.

In the last part of his post, the Kapamilya host gave credit to the one who took the photos, his girlfriend, Jessy Mendiola, “Thank you how @senorita_jessy for the pic,”

In response to his beautiful gift, the Kapamilya host’ father, Edu, who is about to turn 61 years old this coming September 14, re-posted the same photo on his Instagram account and thanked his son for this early birthday gift. “Seeing that I enjoy art, he commissioned a portrait of the two of us. This is one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten in my lifetime!” he shared.

Meanwhile, the celebrity mom and politician, Vilma also did the same thing and wrote a simple appreciation post on her account, “Sweet gift from my son… I LOVE YOU, LUCKY!”

Photo Credit: Mark Rocha Padernal | Instagram

Luis “Lucky” Manzano has 3 other younger siblings, he has a half-brother named Ryan Christian Recto from his mother, and two half-siblings named Addie and Enzo Manzano from his father’s side.

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