Looking Back At Frankie Pangilinan’s Glamorous Jazz-themed 18th Birthday Celebration

The Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Kiko Pangilinan’s 18-year-old daughter, Simone Francesca Emmanuelle Pangilinan or simply Frankie was born on December 16, 2000. She is the eldest daughter of Sharon with his politician husband Kiko, whom she also shared two other children, 14-year-old daughter Miel, and their adopted 9-year-old son Miguel.

Frankie also has an elder half-sister Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion or more popularly known as KC, from her mother’s previous relationship with actor Gabby Concepcion. She is known to many as talented singer/songwriter and a popular icon on Instagram.


While many would remember the fairytale-like 18th birthday of her elder sister KC Concepcion held at the NBC Tent in 2003, Frankie’s debut party is also something that any woman would wish for —a lavish and glamorous celebration.

Now, let’s look back as Frankie Pangilinan stepped into womanhood with a jazz-themed grand event that gained much attention.

Frankie celebrated her 18th birthday on the night of December 15, 2018, it was held at the splendid Shangri-La at the Fort in Taguig. The Megastar’s daughter turned heads as she walked in her strapless red gown by Mark Bumgarner.

The venue was designed far from her Ate’s “happy and shiny” party, it was glittered in gold with twinkling lights and candles adorned the tables against a dark backdrop.

The venue included a stage for dazzling musical numbers which filled the night, dance numbers, lots of black OOTNs hailing from the 20s and 90s, and seductive jazz music! The debutante herself also performed by singing and dancing on this stage, showcasing her talent as a singer, which she got from her celebrity mom.

Present at this star-studded event to celebrate with the Megastar’s daughter are lots of special guests, celebrities, and other well-known personalities.

Of course, Frankie’s whole family attended in full force: her dad, Kiko, mom Sharon, siblings, Miel and Miguel, and her elder sister KC who attended with her boyfriend Pierre Plassart.