Look: Joshua Garcia’s Solo Advertisement For Jollibee Yumburger Goes Viral

Just recently, Kapamilya actor Joshua Garcia caught the netizens’ attention when he shared his new advertisement for one of the most popular fast-food chains in the country, Jollibee through his Instagram stories.

“Nakita niyo na ba ang bagong surpresa ng Jollibee?” he wrote in the caption.

The young actor was referring to the latest advertisement of Jollibee for their Bacon Cheesy Yumburger.

Many netizens noticed that Joshua went solo in this latest ad, unlike the previous ads, which he shared with his former on and off-screen partner Julia Barretto.

He also shared a video clip of the ad, where he seemed to be looking for something or someone inside the store of the famous fast-food chain. But while many might expect that Julia will later appear to join him, nothing of that sort happened.

The next scene shows the 21-year-old actor enjoying his Bacon Cheesy Yum Burger all by himself, while the song “Hanggang Kailan” by Orange and Lemon played in the background.

It will be recalled that Joshua and Julia joined the Jollibee family as the product endorsers in 2017, On their commercials, they usually featured the two young actors, who were also known as the JoshLia tandem as a sweet looking couple enjoying their delicious Jollibee meals together.

Joshua’s solo Jollibee advertisement instantly became one of the trending topics online and made many people wonder if the said fast-food company decided to drop the actress because of the controversy that she’s currently involved in.

A few months ago, Julia was caught up in a big controversy alongside Kapamilya former couple Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo. She got involved as the alleged third party and the reason why the couple broke up. It all started when photos of Julia with Gerald surfaced online, followed by a cryptic message hinting infidelity in her relationship that Bea posted on her Instagram account.

Bea later revealed that no formal breakup happened between her and Gerald Anderson, because of this issue, Julia received wide criticism from the public resulting to the actress allegedly losing a couple of endorsements.

Another social media post that is currently making rounds online is when one Twitter account owner named @dakilangduca, tweeted that a particular eyewear brand was allegedly forced to remove Joshua and Julia’s promotional photo on their social media accounts because they are receiving bashings from the public because of Julia Barreto.

The Twitter post says: “So our client asked to remove #JoshLia photo in the promo artwork because people keep coming to Julia’s endorsements IG accounts and bashing her there. Oh noes.” He then shared another update: “#JoshLia fans, sorry had to delete that (photo artwork)

Source: pikapika