Look: Jericho Rosales Celebrated His 40th Birthday In Morocco

Actor Jericho Vibar Rosales or also known by his stage name of “Echo” recently celebrated his 40th birthday by doing some fun adventures outside of the country.

Last Saturday, September 21, Echo, first shared a photo on his Instagram account showing that he had already arrived in Marrakesh, Morocco, a day before his actual birthday.


The following day, the Halik actor, who is a motorcycle enthusiast marked his 40th birthday with a photo riding a motorbike and taking a road trip across the wide and “frozen orange-colored waves” of the famous Sahara desert.

In this photo, he wrote a lengthy caption and expressed his love and gratitude to God for blessing him with another year, and to the person who bought his ticket for this out-of-the-country trip.

“This is one of the ways I find myself and allow myself to be found. This is beyond happiness. I am so thankful for your grace and love. Not just for me but for the people I care about. Thank you for I made so many mistakes but just like the sand here, you erase the marks every new day. Thank you, Lord for I do not only see how majestic you are. I feel you! And thank you for the person who bought this ticket to the Sahara for me! The next pages of this new chapter will be nothing less than amazing and the words of appreciation won’t only be spoken but will be written in ink from the well of gratitude that will never dry up. Glory!” Jericho shared.

In a separate post, Jericho can be seen having fun while spending time with the locals in the places he visits. The birthday boy also tried their clothing by wearing a brightly colored long robe and a turban.

He also provided a list of his travel trips based on his experience, Jericho wrote: “Bring your biggest smile, make friends, be friendly, act like a local, share your culture, share your language, learn a few words, be respectful, [and] rent a motorcycle if you can.”

source: abscbn