Here’s What Happened To The Original Lead Stars of Mara Clara

The groundbreaking drama series of the Kapamilya network “Mara Clara,” which was known as the longest weekday drama on Philippine television, aired from August 17, 1992, to February 14, 1997.

This drama series stars Judy Ann Santos (Mara) and Gladys Reyes (Clara) who paved the way for them to become superstars of their generation.

In 1996, they filmed the very first Star Cinema movie adapted from a TV series, “Mara Clara: The Movie,” which also starred by Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes.

The story of Mara and Clara is about two girls who were switched at birth, living the life which is meant for the other. Mara grew up in a poor family, while Clara enjoyed her life with rich parents. The two grew up as rivals, not knowing about their real identities.

Mara Clara’s pilot episode was aired on August 17, 1992, exactly 27 years ago.

For those who are wondering what happened to the stars of the longest-running teleserye in the Philippines. Here’s an update of their life now:


Judy Ann started her career in movies before bagging her first lead role in IBC-13’s series Ula: Ang Batang Gubat in 1988. After that, Director Emil Cruz Jr. tapped her to bring life to Mara in his ABS-CBN drama series, Mara Clara in 1992.

The veteran actress also starred in more teleseryes such as Esperanza (1997-1999), Sa Puso Ko Iingatan Ka (2001-2003), and Krystala (2004), and many more. Because of her remarkable talent in acting, she was also dubbed as “Teleserye Queen”.

When it comes to her personal life, she got married to her fellow actor Ryan Agoncillo, who was her leading man in 2009’s Krystala. The celebrity couple now has three children: Lucho, Luna, and their eldest adopted daughter Yohan.


She started her career as a child actress in several movies. Gladys had her big break with the 1990s soap opera Mara Clara, as Clara, and was later known by the alias Primera Kontrabida.

Gladys explored in her acting career by playing different roles in both ABS-CBN and GMA-7. She is now married to her Mara Clara co-star, Christopher Roxas, whom she has three children: Gianna Aquisha, Gian-Christopher, and Grant-Carlin.

Currently, Gladys is part of the afternoon show of GMA-7 titled Madrasta.


Wowie de Guzman, who played Christian in the drama series, is the man who was caught in between Mara and Clara. The Wowie-Juday loveteam started in this show, which was also brought to their next series “Esperanza. The two also became real-life sweethearts for a short period of time.

Wowie decided to transfer to GMA-7 in 1999 and became a cast member of Click and Umulan Man O Umaraw.

In 2012, he tied the knot with his non-showbiz girlfriend Sheryl Ann Reyes, but after she gave birth to their baby, she passed away on April 2014.


Angelika joined the cast of Mara Clara in the later part of the series as Joyce, one of Mara’s friends. She also became part of the cast of the 1997 series Esperanza, as Judy Ann’s youngest siblings. Before the show ended, she decided to transfer to GMA-7 that’s why her character was executed in the show.

In GMA-7, Angelika played lead roles in teleseryes like “Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin” in 2001. She then returned to ABS-CBN in 2003, and once again transferred to GMA-7. Since then, she has been a Kapuso actress, and currently part of Maine Mendoza and Vic Sotto’s sitcom Daddy’s Girl.

In 2008, Angelika married her husband, Orion Casareo in 2008, and they were blessed to have two children. The Kapuso actress has also been serving as a public official in Longos, Malabon as the Barangay Captain since 2013.


Christopher Roxas role in the drama series, Mara Clara is one of the helpers in the Del Valle household, who would later fall in love with the kontrabida character of Clara (Gladys Reyes).

But their romance extended into real life and eventually got married in 2004. Christopher and Gladys’ now have 3 children. The couple also established their own business, a restaurant called Estella.


Paolo portrayed the role of Jepoy, one of the most trusted helpers of the Del Valles. After Mara Clara, he became a teen star and played one of the lead roles of ABS-CBN’s 1999 youth-oriented series Tabing Ilog.

Paolo, later on, transferred to GMA-7 and remains a Kapuso talent until today. He married Lian Paz and had two children namely, Xalene and Xonia. But their relationship did not last, and he’s now with his partner, LJ Reyes, the two were also blessed with two kids, Summer Ayana.


Agatha played as Denise in Mara Clara, she is also known for top-billing the remake movie of Vilma Santos’s Trudis Liit. But she eventually left the showbiz industry to pursue her studies. She then worked as a Business Development Analyst in ANC in 2012.

In 2015, she tied the knot with her husband Romel Galiza and is currently working as a Financial Wealth Planner.


Juan Rodrigo played Amante, the real father of Mara. The veteran actor, who was the favorite for father roles also played as Claudine Barretto’s father in the 1997 series Mula sa Puso.

He is currently playing a father role in GMA-7’s prime-time series Sahaya.


She was known for her role “Almira”, the real mother of Mara, which was her first and last teleserye to date. Beverly Vergel focused on being an acting coach, the executive producer at ABS-CBN. She also had a production background, writing and directing for several Kapuso shows.

Beverly is now residing in Canada and still works in the people development industry.



Susan played the role of Clara’s real mother who was always abused by her husband, Gary (played by the late Eruel Tongco).

This role paved the way for her to be tapped as a mother of lead actors and actresses in succeeding teleseryes such as Saan Ka Man Naroroon (1999), Tabing Ilog (1999), Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala (2013) and a lot more.

Susan is the widow of the late actor Spanky Manikan. They had three children: Eli, Miguel, and Mika. At present, she is playing the role of Yaya Esther in the top-rating afternoon series Kadenang Ginto.


Dan Fernandez, who played the role of Kardo, the person who knew the true identities of Mara and Clara. His diary that contains Gary’s biggest secret became an important part of the series.

He is currently the Congressman of Sta. Rosa, Laguna.