Get To Know Eddie Gutierrez And Annabelle Rama’s Love Story And Their Secret To Lasting Marriage

When Eddie Gutierrez, who was one of the top matinee idols in the ‘60s and ‘70s met the very vocal loud Annabelle Rama several years ago, their relationship cannot be considered as a smooth sailing one because of all the controversies, issues, and scandals that they faced. The couple even filed court cases, underwent separations, followed by their reunions and a lot more.

That’s why it’s really amazing to see that after all these difficult challenges in their relationship, not to mention the big differences in their personalities, Eddie and Annabelle still managed to keep their marriage strong for the past 38 years.

The power couple is now in their senior years, but they were still able to enjoy a life filled with laughter and love, and a more peaceful married life compared to the nascent years of their relationship.

While it’s not a secret to many that their romance started from a fan-idol relationship, wherein Annabelle claims to be a huge fan of the Eddie-Susan love team, particularly the leading man Eddie, she even cut class just to watch their movies.

Back in 2012, the power couple was featured in an episode in the defunct ABS-CBN showbiz-oriented talk show Showbiz Inside Report, Annabelle Rama shared during the interview that her ultimate ambition during her fangirl moment is to marry her idol, actor Eddie Gutierrez.

Eddie and Annable also recalled their unforgettable first meeting. The matinee idol and other superstars were set to do a show in her hometown in Cebu, she grabbed that chance and 15-year-old Annabelle then did everything just to meet the 24-year-old Eddie. Luckily, it was a success and the actor even gave her his number, but when she tried to reach him, Eddie was too busy then to answer calls.

The young Annabelle then decided to escape Cebu and lived with her friend in Manila in hopes of seeing her idol once again. While meeting Eddie again is her first goal, Anabelle was also fortunate enough to become a showbiz personality herself.
When she got discovered by a talent.

Eventually, their paths crossed again in a showbiz event and they started going out once or twice a week, but at the time, Eddie confessed not taking it seriously since he was very busy with work.

Anabelle felt confident that everything was going according to her plan, but she also knew that it would be hard to secure her relationship with Eddie, considering that he has this trademark on playing around and seeing other girls. This made her resort to unconventional means, and soon became pregnant with their daughter Ruffa.

Despite having a child together, the veteran actor didn’t stop from his playboy antics and treating her not seriously, which made her more possessive of him to the point of confronting one of Eddie’s supposed ‘starlets’. After their second child, Rocky was born, Annabelle’s patience ran out and soon decided to go to the US all by herself.

Everything changed when Eddie had a freak car accident, which had him recovering in the hospital for 2 weeks. The couple became closer again as Annabelle called the hospital from time to time to check on him. After his recovery, Eddie joined her abroad so that she could take good care of him.

He brought along Ruffa with him, while Rocky stayed with her mom in the Philippines. It was during their stay in the US that relationship managed to flourish and become stronger.

On November 8, 1980, they tied the knot at the Immaculate Conception Parish, Los Angeles, California. Unlike their glitz and glamour showbiz career in the Philippines, they took odd jobs and used to be agents that sell kitchenware for Belcraft before eventually putting up a kitchenware business.

In the US, Annabelle also gave birth to four more of their kids – Elvis, twins Raymond and Richard, and Ritchie Paul, which only proves that he truly found joy in living as a family man.