Five-year-old Kid Bought More Than Php5,000 Worth Of Items Via Online Shopping App

In today’s generation, it’s truly undeniable that many people rely on different online shopping application that made it so easy for them to purchase items like gadgets, clothes, food, appliances, and many more in just a few taps or clicks on their mobile devices.

Online shopping has become the choice of the busy moms out there who don’t have enough time to drop by the physical stores just to buy some of their needs. With the help of modern-day technology, they can simply look for the item online, compare prices, and look for good reviews.

Then after deciding what to buy, all they have to do is to proceed to the checkout, choose a mode of payments and that’s it. The last part would be the waiting time —the part where they have to wait for their item to be delivered at their doorstep which is very convenient not only for the mother but also to all. But just recently, a mother shared a warning post about her negative or rather hilarious experience in having these online shopping apps.

Facebook user Cassandra Nichole Alegre took to Facebook to narrate her surprising discovery about her 5-year-old son, Yves, who accidentally bought several items on Shopee.

She shared a screenshot with the items, amount, and the number of items that reached a total of more than Php5,000, it includes 3 soft bullet gun series that are worth Php126 each, and 6 Arctic air ultra coolers worth Php750 each.

Unfortunately, Cassandra cannot cancel these items anymore because it has been already shipped out by the sellers and currently on the way for delivery.

The kid’s mother was also shocked when she checked more of the items left on the “cart” of this app, which has a total of almost Php1 million.

Many netizens laughed at her post, while others shared their similar experiences. There were also some who suggest that people should put an app lock or password on their mobile devices to prevent kids to access these kinds of mobile applications.

As of this writing, the post already has 26k shares and 39k reactions on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the mother of the kid also received the good news as the trending story reached the sellers and agreed to cancel her son’s online orders.

source: abscbn