Digitally Restored Wedding Video Susan Roces And The Late “Da King” Fernando Poe Jr.

We all know that a wedding is a once in a lifetime event and one of the most important celebrations in our life. That’s why people nowadays are very lucky as we have modern technology and other ways to keep all these memories alive and always available for couples to relive their big day.

In a wedding, some also hire a photographer and videographer that were given the tasks to take beautiful photos during the whole event and videos that give you the voices, the noises, the sounds, the action and keeps it saved forever.

Just like the wedding the late famous action star “Da King” Fernando Poe Jr. and his wife Susan Roces that also covered by videographers and photographers back in 1968.

But since it was captured for a very long time, wherein the cameras and televisions are still in black and white. The quality of the video is not as clear, vivid and high compared today.

Thanks to the help of the advanced technology as issues like this can now be fixed and restored to its beautiful form, or even enhanced the quality.

Ronald Allan Kelley Poe or popularly known as Fernando Poe Jr. married the beautiful actress Susan Roces on December 25, 1968, at the Sanctuario de San Jose in Greenhills, Mandaluyong.

The celebrity couple’s wedding was one of the grandest, extravagant weddings of their time having the former and late President Marcos and the first lady Imelda Marcos served as their main sponsors. Although the two famous actors were not given their own child, they adopted a child, a daughter named Grace Poe, who is now a well-known Philippine senator.

Many people were amazed as the original black and white wedding video of Susan and “Da King” FPJ, as well as some of their wedding photos were restored in colored and in an improved quality compared to the old ones. Some even said that their digitally restored 1968 video seems like it was just taken recently, using modern video cameras.

How to Film restoration FPJ Susan Roces wedding 1968