Check Out Derek Ramsay’s Elegant and Enchanting Glass House in Palawan

Palawan is a perfect place for people who want to get away from the normal busy and noisy life in the Metro. It is also a popular place or destination for vacation because of its beautiful islands, crystal clear water and calming vibe that gives people a feeling of peace and relaxation at its finest.

With that, we can’t really blame those who want to stay in this beautiful paradise for a longer period of time. One of them is the versatile actor and model Derek Ramsay, who chose to nestle their glasshouse in this place. The 42-year-old actor-model together with his family owns two islands in Palawan, and they also built a glass-and-steel beach house in the town of San Vicente.

This elegant and enchanting glasshouse is what you can call as a family project, its construction began in 2013. It was Derek’s father, Daddy Derek Arnold, who was in charge of the structural design, while Derek and his mother, Mommy Meldy worked together in polishing the house interiors.

Their family wanted everything to be open, that’s why they opted for a glass house that will allow the family and their guests to take a good view of the island’s paradise. This beautiful house has six bedrooms.


Looking at the house from a distance, you can see that it’s very spacious and airy. The outdoor space was defined by sleek and comfy chairs and big umbrellas that served as extra accents. They also invested in steel doors with tempered glass that can be folded, imported from Australia.

Derek said that they could have built a concrete house, but they chose not to do it anymore because they already have houses like that in Manila. He also added that they want the place to be homey as much as possible with a feel of the beach.

Living Area

He and his mom collaborated on the interior design and fused their tastes and ideas, which resulted in a modern theme with an Asian feel. The house features a spacious living area and a warm and Asian feel that is perfect for entertaining many visitors.

They placed a white sectional sofa facing the view of the beach, which is an investment coming from an Italian brand. They also placed an interesting hanging lamp by Kenneth Cobonpue, the Limbo Acrobat in the living area.

There is also a set of three convex mirrors designed by Ito Kish for his Kish Stories from Canada line, which was arranged by mommy Medy, while the black Gregoria chair from the designer’s home line of Kish creation was placed behind the sofa. The Tibet temple drums, which Derek found in an antique shop in Bacolod adds more Asian vibe.

Hanging on the wall are paintings and other designer pieces, including Mayi Penaflorida’s artwork, Dear Bella. Located above this captivating corner console, are more of the artist’s artworks.

Dining & Kitchen Area

Derek’s mom has given much thought of the pieces found it this area. The dining chairs bought from Cebu were customized, and each has a backrest showcasing the eight kinds of shells found on Palawan’s shores. They also purchased a 12-seater dining table in Manila, which was made from Dao.

The 42-year-old actor-model invested a lot in the cooking area since he wanted to have a nice kitchen. He got the Varenna kitchen system from Poliform. In one corner, there’s a chiller placed that holds different bottles of wine. They also have an open cabinet for different kinds of alcoholic drinks, glasses, and teacups. The actor also added that this kitchen is not yet completed.

Derek’s Bedroom

Derek chose pieces made by two of his favorite designers, Kenneth Cobonpue from Cebu and Ito Kish from Laguna. The Yin and Yang bed, which is the star of the room and the sheets with hints of gold that will remind people of posh resorts.

The Little People hanging lamp by Cobonpue, and the Concesa cabinet by Ito Kish that blends well with the works of art on the walls done by Negrense artist Raymond Legaspi.


The family kept the bathroom simple with resort-like tiles, works of art dominated by red color and a shower enclosure. The owners also made sure that they added more interesting accessories and artworks that complement the whole look of the bathroom.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom has a whimsical feel to it, with the bed’s four-poster all-white piece made from Bali Indonesia serving as the focal point. They also placed a chandelier and a sofa with stripes design that adds a modern twist to the simple bedroom.

Mommy Medy said that this room isn’t 100 percent complete as she has yet to add a rug, she also added that it’s somehow hard to complete the house given the effort it takes to bring pieces from Manila to Palawan.

Natala’s Bedroom

Derek sister’s room has a distinct country charm. This bedroom was dominated by lively yellow and green colors that are easy on the eyes and definitely relaxing. The beautiful outdoor view also adds to the coziness of the room.

Inside the room is a charming bed, a dainty chandelier, and in one corner, they placed a tiny vanity area that has a storage ottoman in pale green instead of having a huge chair to maximize the space.