Young Sampaguita Vendor Fell Asleep While Studying in The Street, Goes Viral

Recently, the photo this young boy who fell asleep while studying and selling Sampaguita goes viral as many netizens expressed admiration on his determination to finish his studies despite his difficult situation in life.

The post was shared on Facebook by a concerned netizen named Sha Lim Pua as she hopes that the poor young boy would find success in life, inspire other people and that someone could provide him a scholarship so he wouldn’t have to do this every day.

She also added that the young boy sells Sampaguita in this spot every day to earn some cash, which he uses as an additional allowance for his school.

Based on the post, these photos were taken at the park near the cathedral in Lipa, Batangas.

As seen in the now-viral photos, the young boy fell asleep leaning to the side of the walkway with a book on his lap showing that he had been studying while the strings of the Sampaguita he’s selling was firmly attached to his hand. The tired boy even used his bag as a pillow.

Many were also impressed by how diligent the young boy was as he continued to focus on his studies even while working in the street, this only shows that he is determined to study and learn to make sure he gets good grades in school. In that way, he can provide a better life for his family in the future.

Because of that, many showed interest in helping him financially, and some even asked the netizen who shared the post if she can provide additional information as they want to offer some help to the young boy.

Sha Lim Pua later posted some updates that the unidentified student can be seen outside the cathedral almost every day as he’s selling Sampaguita after his class ends at 3 PM.

Source: buzzooks