Tonton Gutierrez Shared Why He Can’t Cheat With His Wife, Glydel Mercado

One of the few married celebrity couples who is still living their happy family life as wonderful as they used to be is the power couple Tonton Gutierrez and Glydel Mercado.

They have been together for a total of 21 years—six years as boyfriend/girlfriend and 15 years as a married couple and were blessed with two lovely daughters, Aneeza and Aneeka. The two got married at the Sanctuario de San Antonio Parish in Forbes Park, Makati in 2004.

While many celebrity couples today ended up not so well after a few years of being together, Tonton and Glydel proved that their relationship is meant to last forever.

That’s why many can’t help but wonder what is the couple’s secret to keep their marriage strong and alive after all these years.

In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on August 9, the 55-year-old veteran actor shared that their only secret is that they always try to keep everything as simple as possible.

He said,

“Relax lang kami, that’s the secret behind it, simple lang.”

Tonton and Glydel were seen together at Annabel’s Restaurant along with Beautederm owner Ms. Rei Tan for their two-year renewal contract signing as the celebrity endorsers of Beautederm.

The veteran actor added that despite being together for many years they have never dealt with any issues about a third party because,

“Maliit lang ang mundo, and with social media,” he says.

But just like any other showbiz couple, many initially thought that their relationship would not last. However, Tonton and Glydel proved them wrong.

“We never thought of the showbiz side of it. We just went on with the marriage, we just went on with life. Wala kaming iniisip na baka ganito, ganyan. We just kept our lives simple.”

When asked if they also experienced having big fights, he said, “Boyfriend/girlfriend, meron,” while adding, “One major fight, we broke up, ‘tapos yun na yun. There was one big fight. Hindi na namin malaman kung ano, we broke up and then that’s it.”

How are they as a parent to their two daughters? Tonton said that he and Glydel have kept their communications lines open for Aneeza and Aneeka.

He went on to share a scenario where they decided to talk to eldest daughter Aneeza about her gender orientation.

“Kinausap ko siya, kasi feeling namin, ayaw kasing mag-skirt, gusto naka-rubber shoes, naka-maong. That was about, I think, last year. She’s 14,” the celebrity father shared.

“Para hindi na siya mahirapan, we want to know if you’re gay or tomboy, it’s fine with us. Kaysa magtago-tago, it’s fine with us.

“Sabi niya, ‘No Dad, I’m a girl.’”

When asked about how they feel after hearing their daughter’s answer confirming that she is straight.

Tonton said.

“Wala naman ngang ano sa amin, kumbaga, it’s fine with us. Sa age now, it’s not a taboo anymore. Sa panahon ngayon, hindi na. Noong panahon siguro ng lolo at lola, kapag may gay ka sa family,” he also added. “But now, it’s out in the open.”

During the interview, he was asked by one of the press if he knows who is the celebrity crush of his eldest daughter. He smilingly replied,

“Si Donny, Donny Pangilinan.”

After hearing his answer, many were laughing because Donny’s mother Maricel Laxa was once linked to Tonton.

He added,

“Sabi ko na nga ba dapat hindi ko sinabi.”

source: pep